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Whether they’re going to a football or baseball game or doing something else, people have their choice of activities in Arlington, TX. Many of these activities involve alcohol.

In fact, many people in the city drink, and some drink large amounts. The city is in Tarrant County, a place where according to a 2019 public health statement:

  • 7% of the county’s adults reported that they used alcohol heavily (more than one daily drink for women and more than two daily drinks for men).
  • 16% of the county’s adults reported that they binge drank (defined in the report as three or more drinks per occasion for women and four or more for men).

Such statistics indicate the need for alcohol rehabs in Arlington, TX.

What is alcohol detox in Arlington, TX?

Before receiving treatment, a person might attend an alcohol detox facility in Arlington, TX. This facility will help the person detoxify (detox), that is, remove alcohol and other toxic substances from their body.

Going to an alcohol detox center in Arlington, TX, is a safer option than trying to detox at home. Withdrawing from alcohol can be painful. It can also be dangerous if people drink heavily and try to quit instantly. They could experience severe side effects known as delirium tremens (DTs) that can cause fevers, shaking, hallucinations, and even be fatal.

Doctors at alcohol detox centers in Arlington, TX, can prescribe medications to minimize the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and ease other conditions.


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What are some benefits of inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Arlington, TX?

Medication is also a benefit of inpatient alcohol rehabs in Arlington, TX. After a person leaves detox, they begin their treatment. This treatment might include prescription medications to ease cravings or treat anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses that frequently accompany addiction and substance use disorder.

Residential or inpatient alcohol rehab in Arlington, TX, means that clients stay at their treatment centers. This arrangement gives them access to prescriptions, but it also gives them access to doctors who prescribe them and other medical assistance.

Any time of the day or night, staff members of inpatient alcohol rehabs in Arlington, TX, are on hand to assist their clients.

What are some other components of alcohol addiction treatment in Arlington, TX?

People who attend an alcohol rehab facility in Arlington, TX, will probably participate in some type of therapy. Whether individual, group or family, therapy helps people understand their relationships with alcohol and with other people.

Sobriety support groups are other vital parts of substance use disorder treatment in Arlington, TX. They might include meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), SMART Recovery, or other programs that encourage people to share and learn from each other.

Substance use disorder treatment centers in Arlington, TX, can help people explore their relationships with alcohol and drugs and help them build healthy, happy lives without such substances.


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