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Carrollton, Texas, is home to about 135,700 people. Although a big city, Carrollton has that small-city charm. As common with many cities of that size, Carrollton residents are facing drug and alcohol abuse problems from Subutex and opiates to alcohol and painkillers. Other drugs abused in the city are methamphetamine, synthetic opiates, and K-2.

More adults in Carrollton are seeking treatment for prescription pills and heroin abuse. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that the average number of people with a dependence on heroin is increasing.

In October this year, the city of Carrollton partnered with Lewisville Independent School District for the DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The public willingly surrendered unused, unwanted, or expired pharmaceutical substances to law enforcement officers to be destroyed. The program aims at getting rid of potentially hazardous prescription drugs from the homes of Carrollton residents. In 2017, the Carrollton Police Department collected 1,065 pounds of prescription drugs.

Drug Abuse in College Students

College students in Carrollton have also not been left out. There are quite a number of students who are addicted to alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs like Adderall. College-going students are usually under a lot of pressure coming from the need to socially fit in, and the same time performs well at school. Both of these can result in drug and alcohol abuse because the students find that drugs such as Adderall make socializing with their peers easier and makes them study harder.

Fortunately, there is help for addiction. Carrollton drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment centers Carrollton exist in the city. These effective resources can help the residents find sobriety and transform their lives.

Carrollton is near the University of North Texas. The University has a program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation that includes vocational training, seminars and peer engagements, as well as initiatives to promote quality improvements. The college organizes meetings that are similar in structure to Dallas AA meeting schedule and campus-based 12 step programs.


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Treatment in Drug Rehab Centers in Carrollton

The most effective treatment for substance use disorder drug rehab in or near Carrollton is built from the ground up. No two individuals are alike and as such, each treatment plan is tailored to suit the needs of a specific individual in a drug rehab Carrollton co. This way, patients have better chances of recovering in the rehab centers in Carrollton, learning useful sober-living skills, and successfully living in sobriety.

A variety of treatment services for addiction in a drug rehab Carrollton may be used to deliver individualized care including:

  • Detox program -Prior to recovery kicking off, your body has to be made drug or alcohol-free. This is usually referred to as detoxing. Mostly, when an addicted person stops using drugs or alcohol, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox in rehab centers Carrollton helps to minimize the side effects for a person trying to stop using drugs and alcohol. There is also the option of detoxing at home by yourself. This, however, is risky as there might be dangerous complications resulting from adverse side effects, and there is also a high chance of you relapsing. Choosing a detox plan in a rehab center in Carrollton provides you with a supported and safe environment where you are medically supervised.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities in Texas: It comes as no surprise that it’s difficult trying to quit drug and alcohol use when you attempt to do it at home or alone. That’s because, in your home environment, you’re surrounded by the influences and stresses that could have contributed to your drug or alcohol use disorder. Inpatient Carrollton rehab facilities, also known as residentia rlehabilitation centers, provide you with an opportunity to recover away from home in a new and safe space.The residential program requires that you stay at the Carrollton treatment center while undergoing treatment. Care is given to patients 24/7.

  • 12 Step ProgramThis program was pioneered by AA and later adapted to fit other programs such as NA. The basic principle of AA Carrollton is that individuals can help each other achieve as well as maintain abstinence from substance use disorder; however, the healing can only come when a person who is addicted surrenders to a higher being or power. 
  • Non 12 Step   – Since not all patients prefer the 12-step program, there are also non-12 step rehab in Carrollton offered by a Carrollton treatment center. These often include TMS therapy, individual or group therapy, or SMART Recovery Meetings in Carrollton.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab – A dual diagnosis rehab in Carrollton assists patients with co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health problems such as depression, PTSD, or schizophrenia.
  • Faith Rehab: If your drug abuse has led you away from your faith, you may wish to go back to being more spiritually aware during your recovery from addiction. This is where a Faith drug rehab can be helpful.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings: If you’re looking for something different from NA meetings in Carrollton and Carrollton AA meetings, you can turn to SMART recovery. The SMART recovery meetings in Carrollton help people with addiction problems using four points which include managing behaviors, living a life that’s balanced, coping, and motivation. The program equips people with these tools which are necessary for succeeding in the real world self-efficiently.

    Recovery Meetings

    The recovery meetings provide you with a safe place to be heard. This might be difficult among friends and family who’ve not faced a similar predicament. The meetings equip you with the necessary tools for leading a drug or alcohol-free life and maintaining sobriety.

    Recovery meetings include:

    AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meetings

    AA meetings Carrollton help you avoid negative influences and temptations to indulge in alcohol abuse once you’re done with your treatment at a rehab Carrollton. Alcoholics Anonymous Carrollton programs have a support network which will help you on your recovery journey.

    NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Meetings

    Are you battling with narcotic misuse? NA Carrollton meetings help addicted people at all stages in their sobriety journey. Narcotics Anonymous Carrollton meetings are confidential and open to anyone struggling with a narcotics addiction problem.

    How to Pay for Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

    There are a number of financial options available apart from paying out of pocket, which could make treatment at a rehab in Texas more affordable. Some of the options for paying for rehab facilities in Texas include health insurance, both public and private. Often, insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost of treatment at a rehab, or perhaps you don’t have insurance. In that case, you might want to consider other payment options for the rehab center such as:

  • Sliding scale payment plans
  • Donations from friends and family
  • Using a medical credit card
  • Taking out a loan
  • Grants or scholarships

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