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Being located in the center of the Val Verde County in Texas, Del Rio is recorded to be home to about 36,000 people. The cozy feel of a small town, topped with nature-influenced events and acts, all in all, made Del Rio a tourist destination. Aside from these, the place is a melting pot of American and Mexican culture and heritage. The influences of these two cultures are manifested in artifacts, artworks, and other relics found in city galleries and museums. Another thing enjoyed by tourists when they come to visit Del Rio is its water holes and pristine lakes, both ideal for swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, and other water activities. Despite these wonders of the place, there is one sad truth about Del Rio – it is no stranger to substance use disorder, same with other places in the United States.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Del Rio, Texas

Being very near to the Mexican border, Del Rio is one of the best places to transport drugs coming from the Mexican drug cartel. In fact, correctional officers patrolling the Mexican border in Del Rio already reported the steady increase in substance misuse in the state of Texas. In 2016, the US Customs and Border Protection agents were able to seize heroin and methamphetamine that were worth more than a million US dollars. In 2017, they were able to seize 1,300 pounds of marijuana. Despite the efforts of both the national and local authorities and law enforcers, the drug and alcohol problem in Del Rio is very far from over. In the past, the Child Protective Services in Del Rio reported that child abuse and child neglect were on a steady rise due to an equally pressing problem on alcohol and illicit drug abuse and misuse. As a result, more abused children were being taken out of their abusive environment and transferred to foster care facilities. The sadder news, however, is the fact that according to studies, these children from abusive homes are also more inclined to relive the negative trends from their childhood into their adulthood.

On the other side of the coin, the better news is alongside the steady rise in substance use disorder in Del Rio is also the steady increase in the number of drug rehab centers in Del Rio and alcohol treatment centers Del Rio offering substance use disorder treatment in Del Rio. Rehab in Austin and Houston drug rehabs, along with rehabs in Frisco, are more great options for those looking to recover from addiction.

College Students Substance Use Disorder in TX

In the 2017 Texas Survey of Substance Use among College Students conducted by the Texas Health and Human Services, the following findings were gathered:

  • Alcohol is still the most abused substance on university campuses, with almost 73 percent of college students in Texas universities reported to have drunk alcohol since the previous year, while almost 35 percent of the same population pool admitted having binge drank once in the previous month.
  • One in every three college students in Texas has tried using marijuana at least once since the previous year.
  • There is a noteworthy reduction of abuse of prescription medications.

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Types of Treatment in Del Rio rehab facilities

There are three main treatment options offered by rehab center Del Rio, TX — residential treatment by rehab centers Del Rio, partial hospitalization in treatment centers in Del Rio, and outpatient treatment offered by rehab facilities in Del Rio.

Under Residential Treatment of Del Rio drug rehab centers, the patient will first be assessed whether he will require short-term treatment or long-term. The bases for treatment determination in drug rehab Del Rio, TX would be the patient’s condition, the severity of his addiction, and his drug rehab Del Rio treatment preferences. Short-term inpatient treatment in a Del Rio drug rehab can last for 3 to 6 weeks. As for long-term treatment in rehab in Del Rio, this could run for 30 days, 90 days, or 120 days or more. While in residential treatment in rehab facilities Del Rio, the patient will be cared for by a licensed counselor, medical personnel, and by a psychologist.

Next to residential treatment in Del Rio rehab is partial hospitalization in Del Rio treatment center. This treatment program offered by rehabs in Del Rio is available for those who got out of inpatient rehab but still need help in adjusting with, and reintegrationinto the community. Here, the patient will be required to stay in a medical facility only during the daytime and on specific days of the week.

Lastly, we have outpatient treatment offered by Del Rio rehab centers for those who have graduated inpatient rehab but still want help in maintaining their sobriety. In this treatment program by rehabilitation facilities in Del Rio, the patient remains in his home but is required to go to outpatient rehab Del Rio on specific days to receive counseling or other treatment programs. Outpatient rehab by Del Rio rehabilitation centers is ideal for those who have good support at home to encourage them on their sobriety journey.

 Substance use disorder in educational facilities in Irving TX

Alcohol and hash are widely responsible for many narcotics related problems on college, varsity and even school campuses. And many such students also require medical detox Irving as well as the services of Irvingrehabilitation centers in order to ensure their complete recovery. It is highly important that those attending college are given the assistance they need to recover and to handle the tough, ever changing environment college can bring. That is why locations such as the University of Dallas and North Lake College offer counseling and referral services for mental health and substance use disorder.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Irving, TX

There are various types of substance use disorder treatment programs in drug rehab centers, TX. A few of them are discussed briefly below:

  • Inpatient Treatment in Drug Rehab Centers in Texas: This can either be long-term or short-term. The former type of inpatient treatment in Irving drug rehab can last as short as 30 days to as long as 90, 120 days or more. The latter kind, best for a less severe addiction, can last as short as 3 weeks to 6 weeks. The bases for determination of the duration of inpatient treatment in drug rehab Irving are the severity of addiction, the unique needs of the patient, and the patient’s preference.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab: Patients who are suffering from a mental condition and from addiction simultaneously are best treated in a dual diagnosis treatment facility. Treatments for both conditions are administered simultaneously to understand better the causes of his addiction.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Del Rio: Consisting of four main points of therapy, SMART is constructed to help those dealing with addiction to make wise decisions about their therapy. It will give those suffering from an addiction confidence and independence as the work through their recovery process.
  • Detox Center Del Rio: Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be a dangerous and scary process. Having the correct support you need on hand is critical in making sure that this is handled efficiently and with care. The detox center Del Rio has a variety of inpatient and outpatient options to assist those suffering from addiction.
  • Luxury Rehab in Del Rio: Rehab in Del Rio understands that not all patients are the same. Some require more anonymity and privacy than others. That is why luxury rehab in Del Rio exists. It will provide clients the recovery they need with they privacy they require.
  • on-12-Step Rehab in Del Rio:  There are also programs available in rehab Del Rio that have nothing to do with the traditional 12-step method that is so popular. There are holistic methods provided that can assist with your recovery and give you alternatives to the regular programs you may have tried before.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Del Rio or Del Rio AA Meetings
  • Narcotics Anonymous Del Rio or NA Meetings in Del Rio

Paying for Rehab in Del Rio, TX

There are various ways to pay for alcohol rehab Del Rio, detox Del Rio, and for drug rehab centers in Del Rio, TX. These are a few of the patients’ available options:

  • Pay by using one’s personal funds for rehab centers Del Rio – Perhaps you have a savings account or money set aside that you can use to pay for therapy. Some people already have a nice nest egg set aside for emergency funds or medical needs. You can use these funds to pay for the treatment.
  • Seek for government subsidies for your treatment – There are government subsidized programs as well that can assist you with paying for your Del Rio rehab center therapy.
  • Make use of your subscribed private insurance or insurance through your employer. Insurance is accepted in the rehab Del Rio, TX centers and is available for you to use for payment.
  • Some people choose to ask for loan proceeds from a family member or friend. This could be an option for you as well to assist in paying for rehab centers Del Rio, TX.

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