Non-12-Step Treatment in Irving, Texas

While it doesn’t require people to surrender their problems to a higher power, non 12-step rehab in Irving, TX, uses group approaches such as meetings and therapy to help people address their problems relating to alcohol and drugs.

Convenience and grocery stores began selling wine and beer in Irving, Texas in 2009. More access to alcohol can be convenient, but it can also contribute to problems that can lead to the need for non 12-step treatment in Irving, TX.

A few years later, the substance was indeed causing issues in Irving and other cities in Dallas County. The county reported:

  • An arrest rate of 30.5 per 10,000 adults due to driving while intoxicated or under the influence.
  • A public intoxication arrest rate of 52.8 per 10,000 adults.
  • A liquor violation arrest rate of 3.4 per 10,000 adults.

Alcohol and drugs are problems in Texas and around the world. Non twelve step treatment programs in Irving, TX, can help people solve such problems.


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What is non 12-step rehab in Irving, TX?

Addiction is different for different people, and so is the way they address it. For example, one non 12-step recovery program in Irving, TX, may differ from others depending on clients’ medical conditions, their needs and wants, and the centers that provide such programs.

But one similarity among non 12-step recovery programs in Irving, TX, is that they don’t emphasize 12-step programs.

As their name indicates, 12-step programs urge participants to progress through a series of 12 steps to find and manage sobriety. The most famous of these groups include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (AA and NA).

Such programs often require participants to claim that they’re powerless and surrender to a higher power. Some people are uncomfortable with these spiritual aspects and want to tackle their problems related to drugs and alcohol in different ways.

How does non 12-step alcohol rehab in Irving, TX, use groups?

Although non 12-step alcohol rehabs in Irving, TX, don’t incorporate Alcoholics Anonymous, they still encourage people to gather.

Non AA rehab in Irving, TX, may feature other programs, such as SMART Recovery, that help people with their sobriety. For example, instead of requiring people to surrender their addictions to a higher power, such programs incorporate meetings, literature, and other resources to help people understand and face their problems with alcohol or drugs.

How does non 12-step drug rehab in Irving, TX, use groups?

Similarly, non 12-step drug rehabs in Irving, TX, use group approaches.

These approaches may come in the form of therapy. In some ways, group therapy at non 12-step rehabs in Irving, TX, resembles sobriety support meetings. Both allow people with problems with drugs and alcohol to meet with each other as well as the opportunity to share advice, challenges, and triumphs.

Group therapy at non 12-step rehab centers in Irving, TX, has the added advantage of professional assistance. Professional therapists lead sessions where people can talk about their addiction-related problems and develop ways to solve them.

What are some other components of non 12-step rehab programs in Irving, TX?

In addition to therapy and sobriety support meetings, many non 12-step treatment centers in Irving, TX, provide other forms of assistance.

They might offer information about addiction and how to handle situations without alcohol or drugs. They might provide workshops that could help people find jobs once they leave their treatment facilities.

The best non 12-step rehab programs in Irving, TX, provide aftercare, which is assistance that continues after clients leave their treatment facilities. Such help might include finding support groups and therapists near their clients’ homes.

After all, non 12-step recovery in Irving, TX, is an ongoing process. People need to work on their sobriety to make it last.


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