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Laredo is a city in Texas that shares a border with Mexico. In fact, it’s just eight hours away from Mexico City. With high poverty and unemployment rates for this small city with a population of around 260,000, it’s easy to imagine why it’s considered a nuclear reactor of the narcotics trade. Laredo drug rehab centers have been trying their best but it’s like stopping a tsunami with a sippy cup.

The city has been in the radar of the Homeland Security for quite some time, especially with the high number of residents here who are young (the median age is 26.9 years) and thus, vulnerable to being involved in the illegal drugs trade with its proximity to Mexico.

It’s actually a peaceful city and business is thriving. But Laredo has been trying to shed this negative reputation for years, but it doesn’t help if you share a name with Nuevo Laredo where there’s an ongoing turf war between the Los Zetas and Sinaloa Cartel. It also doesn’t help if your next-door neighbors are powerful drug cartels with an appetite for cash and destruction.

Learn About the Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Laredo, TX

Generally, Texas has been struggling with meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Meth is smuggled into its borders from Mexico in liquid form; after which, mini-laboratories in the state convert the meth into ice. Narcotics also cause other social problems like prostitution, crime, unemployment, homelessness, and others. In Webb County and in Laredo, you have women offering their bodies in exchange for drugs.

In fact, in Webb County, the cocaine being intercepted by authorities actually comes from Colombia, some 2,000 miles away. The drug makes its way from the Latin American country to the Laredo border through Mexico.

Substance Use Disorder Specific to Laredo, TX

In September 2018, the Laredo Morning Times reported of cocaine busts totaling more than $10 million when over 1,300 pounds of the drug were seized from two Mexicans who tried to sneak in the contraband into the United States through Laredo in two separate incidents.

In May 2018, Homeland Security agents confiscated more than $6 million worth of marijuana from a warehouse in Central Loredo after receiving a tip of the contraband. You could say that Laredo is but a transit point for these drugs, which will eventually make their way to major cities in the West Coast. But with drugs, there’s no such thing as innocent bystanders.

In border communities where narcotics are cheap, the youth are the most vulnerable. Jane Maxwell, the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Excellence in Drug Epidemiology scientist, said that students at the border communities are more prone to using narcotics, alcohol, and tobacco compared to students in non-border territories. In fact, alcohol treatment centers Laredo and drug rehab centers in Laredo are teeming with young people who got hooked on chemical substances way too early.

They share the same pattern, they are jobless, come from a broken family, and have no house to go home to. On average, drugs are cheaper at these border towns. The bigger the quantity, the larger the savings will be. For instance, 1 oz. of black tar heroin can be purchased in Laredo for $1,000 and the same volume will set you back $2,400 in Houston or Dallas.


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Substance Use Disorder in Laredo, TX Area, and State Colleges

Laredo has one of the highest rates of DUI in Texas area. In fact, it’s included in the top 10 cities in the state in terms of DUI incidents, right up there with the bigger cities like Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and Arlington. If you or your loved one has a drinking problem, you can contact Alcoholics anonymous Laredo and alcohol treatment centers in Laredo to help you achieve sobriety.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were almost 2,500 teens ages 16-19 in the US were killed in DUI crashes. Another 292,742 were rushed to the emergency room due to various injuries. The figure translates to about six deaths per day. Although one life lost is always a waste, a DUI crash is not always personal. When they are sent to state hospitals, the public shoulders the cost of their treatment.

Drunk driving incidents involving college students account for 19% of the total cases. However, in Laredo, where more than half of the residents live below the poverty line, students have no choice but to enroll in community colleges to further their education. The drugs and alcohol they were exposed to when they were young don’t just stop when they enter college. In fact, the campuses are far from protected from the drug trade.

The lure of easy money is just too hard to pass up when you grow up poor. This is why marijuana, alcohol, prescription opioids, and even heroin are very common in community colleges in Laredo. Peer pressure will do the rest.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Laredo, TX

For those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, it’s important to know that they are not a hopeless case. There are so many drug rehab centers in Laredo and alcohol rehab facilities Laredo with the facilities and experience in dealing with all types of cases. Rehabs are also available in Fort Stockton and McKinney rehabs are another popular choice. Waco rehabs are also available to help the addicted.

Among the types of treatments for substance use disorder that you can expect to include:

  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Laredo – SMART recovery is the opposite of Alcoholics Anonymous Laredo or Narcotics Anonymous Laredo. SMART means Self-Management and Recovery Training, and it puts the burden of abstinence on the individual with the help of tested methods and peers support. It’s different from AA meetings, which believe in the higher power to heal the patient.
  • Medical detox Laredo – Most drug and alcohol substance use disorder involves some sort of detox. It’s rare for Laredo rehab centers to dispense with the detox prior to the treatment proper. Detox simply means managing the withdrawal symptoms while your body gets rid of the foreign substance after years of abuse.
  • Non 12 step rehab in Laredo– Although the 12 Step program employed by AA or NA has proven to be effective, the fact is that it’s not really for everybody. Some people might not be comfortable with the Christian-based treatment. The Non 12 step is more holistic so you can expect yoga, acupuncture, massage, and meditation as part of treatment.
  • 12 step program – In the same vein, some people might want the more traditional approach to treatment so they would be more comfortable with the 12 step rehab. You can ask the Laredo rehab facilities for any Laredo AA meeting schedule that you can attend.
  • Faith rehab – Faith rehab programs are designed to target a limited demographic: these are devout Faith who are dealing with a lot of guilt because they couldn’t seem to extricate themselves from the cycle of addiction. These are patients who might have gone away from their faith because they didn’t think they were worthy of God’s love.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab in Laredo – Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disease happens when the individual is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction in addition to a mental health problem. This complicates the treatment to several levels since the physicians have to first treat the addiction before proceeding to behavioral therapy to address the root of addiction.

Paying for Rehab in TX

To be clear, Texas rehabilitation centers are not cheap. You are looking at between $5,000 to as much as $60,000. However, there are ways to pay for the rehab in Laredo, TX. You can consider the following options:

  • Private insurance
  • Personal savings
  • Employment insurance
  • Asking for help from rich relatives
  • State subsidies and government assistance
  • Church and charity organizations

You can also ask for any payment plans from the rehab center for substance use disorder treatment. The rehab center may suspend collection of the bill up until you finished the rehab program and managed to find yourself a job. The facility can also accept installment plans to stretch your budget.

The last thing you have to do, however, is assume a defeatist attitude. You can’t psych out yourself even before you started asking around on how to pay for your rehab. Rehab centers also offer insurance verification, which means they will call up your insurer to determine the deductible, the co-pay, and out-of-pocket expenses. The rehab center can also offer advice on how to proceed with the treatment even without insurance.

Start Your Path to Sobriety Now

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