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In late March 2022, authorities arrested twelve alleged drug traffickers in the cities of Lubbock, Brownfield, and Lamesa, Texas.

The authorities also seized about 27 pounds of a drug suspected to be methamphetamine (meth), money, and firearms.

This arrest is not an isolated incident in the region. In 2021, a judge sentenced a Lubbock, Texas resident to 210 months in federal prison for receiving mailed shipments of meth.

Since Lubbock, Texas has people who traffic meth and other drugs; it has people who use it. Non 12-step treatment in Lubbock, TX, can help people quit using such substances and reduce the demand for them.

What is non 12-step treatment in Lubbock, TX?

When people think of addiction rehab, they often think of people joining groups that encourage their members to progress through a series of 12 steps. Such groups include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and other organizations often known as 12-step groups.

But non 12-step rehab centers in Lubbock, TX, don’t emphasize such groups. Instead, they incorporate other options.


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How are non 12-step alcohol rehabs in Lubbock, TX, different from rehabs that offer 12-step assistance?

A facility that offers Alcoholic Anonymous differs from non AA rehab in Lubbock, TX.

Many people say that Alcoholics Anonymous has helped them become sober and stay that way. Others who prefer non 12-step alcohol rehab in Lubbock, TX, are uncomfortable with AA.

That’s because AA encourages people to surrender to a higher power. Some people say this is proof that Alcoholics Anonymous promotes Christianity and/or other organized religions. Others don’t like surrendering and want to take control of their sobriety themselves.

Whatever their reasons for objecting, the best non-12-step rehab programs in Lubbock, TX, help members address their problems with alcohol without requiring them to believe certain things or surrender their agency.

How do 12-step drug rehabs in Lubbock, TX, use support groups?

Non 12-step drug rehab in Lubbock, TX, empowers people without spirituality.

To provide this empowerment, non 12-step rehab programs in Lubbock, TX, may encourage clients to join groups, not 12-step ones. For example, many non 12-step rehabs in Lubbock, TX, and surrounding areas give people the opportunity to join organizations such as SMART Recovery.

Instead of offering a series of 12 steps, SMART Recovery offers a four-point program that assists participants with:

  • Creating and sustaining their motivation to change.
  • Addressing occasions when they want to use substances again.
  • Managing their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that don’t involve addiction-related behaviors.
  • Living in positive and balanced ways.

These goals are also the goals of 12-step treatment centers in Lubbock, TX, that want to help clients create, pursue, and keep pursuing healthier lives.

Why is therapy an important part of non twelve-step treatment programs in Lubbock, TX?

Assistance at non 12-step recovery programs in Lubbock, TX, doesn’t just come from peer support groups such as SMART Recovery. It also comes from professionals associated with the programs.

These professionals affiliated with a non 12-step recovery program in Lubbock, TX, often provide therapy. This therapy can be one-on-one with a client and a therapist, a group setting where a therapist works with a group of clients, or a family therapy session where a therapist helps people with addictions and their families.

Like non 12-step groups, therapy sessions put participants in control. The sessions allow participants and their loved ones to talk about their problems, understand them, and find solutions for them.

Therapists know that healing from addiction might be a lifetime process. For example, non 12-step rehab in Lubbock, TX, teaches strategies to prolong this healing and prevent relapsing.


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