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The City of Bakersfield, California is the seat of Kern County covering 142 square miles. The United States Census Bureau reported that the population of Bakersfield, CA as of 2017 is 380,874 which qualifies it as the 9th largest in CA. With its increasing population and improving economic standing, there also looms the continuous increase in drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Consequently, substance use disorder treatment Bakersfield area must also be increased.

Common Abused Substances in Bakersfield City, California

Similar to the trends in other cities in the US and the US in general, alcohol tops the list of common substances abused in Bakersfield City, CA. AA Bakersfield chapters and members continue to increase in number. Based on the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 19 percent of Kern County is engaged in excessive drinking, while California, in general, reported an 18 percent occurrence. What is more glaring, is the data on alcohol-impaired driving deaths. In Kern County, CA, it reached 32 percent while California reached 29 percent. This ill-effect caused by alcohol use is included in preventable deaths.

The drug overdose deaths in Kern County reached as much as 24 per 100,000 people from 2014 – 2016. Only 12 percent of drug overdose deaths were reported in California, making Kern a big contributor to the drug overdose statistics of CA. The death rate because of drug overdose continues to increase. Majority of the deaths due to pharmaceutical overdose is caused by opioid analgesics which are prescription painkillers. Majority of those who die from drug overdose are males, Caucasian, or around 45 to 49 years old. The most possible cause is accidental but there may be instances wherein the death by overdose was intentional or for suicidal purposes.

From 2014 to 2016, the age-adjusted death rate because of drug use in Kern County, CA is 25 deaths for every 100,000 individuals. The data includes dependent and non-dependent usage of drugs and poisoning from medically-prescribed medicines. Use of recreational drugs is also accounted for in the data. Addicted individuals often end up engaging in criminal and self-destructive behaviors that cause injury or death. At times, unintentional overdose happens which leads to death. The trend in drug deaths is significantly increased over time.


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College Students Substance Use Disorder in Bakersfield

The Colleges in Bakersfield are also making it a point to include information on substance use disorder to educate and assist the students in addressing that concern. They include information on Bakersfield treatment center, AA meetings in Bakersfield, CA, NA meetings in Bakersfield chapter, detox center Bakersfield branches, other government links, and the likes in the list of community resources and the college websites. Students also have access to rehab centers all over the state, such as a rehab center in Chula Vista, California.

Another notable effort is to include Drug and Alcohol Studies Certificate in their extended education. CSU Bakersfield is one of the universities offering this program to develop more substance use disorder counselors and professionals who can help mitigate the problem. Rehab center Bakersfield area are open to hiring the graduates of the certificate course. They can assist in the Bakersfield AA meeting schedule as well as other activities requiring their skills.

The Challenging College Alcohol Abuse report for 2011, specifically for the Kern County, shows that 28.2 percent of teens confirmed that they have had a few sips of alcoholic drinks. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated that individuals who started drinking alcohol at a young age most likely develop alcohol dependence compared to those who started drinking at 21 years old.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder from Drug Rehab in Bakersfield

The process of remission from substance use disorder disorder can be a long process. No treatment centers in Bakersfield will be able to provide a single cure. The most effective option would always be a suite of treatment programs from rehabilitation facilities in Bakersfield. It is important to note the necessity to base the treatment package on the result of the initial assessment. Then the treatment plan should always be updated based on the follow-up check-ups to ensure that the present need of the client is appropriately addressed.

An important part of the treatment process, may it be a form of luxury rehab in Bakersfield treatment facility or a government-facilitated Bakersfield drug rehab centers, is the conduct of detox Bakersfield-operating center. Medical detox Bakersfield branch is a necessary component of the treatment. It must be done with the help of a professional considering that the process of removing the chemicals in the body is not that simple. The stage of undergoing detox is also prone to substance withdrawal.

Detoxification and alcohol withdrawal is often associated with anxiety, vomiting, tremors, insomnia, dysphoria, restlessness, and the likes. Undergoing all these or even one alone can be deadly. Professional assistance from a drug rehab in Bakersfield, CA, can provide medications and devices to help in managing the withdrawal symptoms.

If your desired methods of treatment are not available in Bakersfield, consider checking a Fremont rehabilitation center.

Here are some of the treatment options offered by Bakersfield rehabilitation centers:

12 Step rehab centers in Bakersfield: The 12-Step drug rehab program is anchored on 12 steps that a person undergoing rehabilitation can undergo to recover from addiction. Nevertheless, the said 12 step process cannot be fully undertaken in the rehab centers because the process entails a longer period of implementation. Usually, what transpires in the rehab is the familiarization of the process, so the person can implement it over time.

Non-12 step rehab in Bakersfield: The non-12 Step rehab centers focus on evidence-based therapies in overcoming addiction. The goal is to live a sober, clean, and recovering lifestyle.

Faith Base Bakersfield rehab centers: The Faith Base rehab program is undertaken through a faith-based addiction treatment. The individual is led back to his spiritual awareness which has been studied to have a great effect on the success of the person’s recovery.

  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Bakersfield: The Self-Management and Recovery Training or SMART Recovery provides an avenue for an addicted person to learn independence and confidence to undertake different choices in relation to his rehabilitation. Several online meetings and in-person training are conducted around the world to allow people to talk about his experience in overcoming addiction and to learn from the experiences of others.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Bakersfield:Dual diagnosis treatment centers focus on patients undergoing addiction treatment with other mental health conditions to consider. They seek to provide treatment to both concerns because drug addiction can cause mental illness while mental illness can also cause substance use disorder. Neglecting one can cause the relapse of the other.

Holistic Rehabs in Bakersfield :holistic drug rehab center focuses on the healing of the body, mind, and spirit of the person which was damaged by an addiction. The treatment is significantly different in terms of core principles. It incorporates rather than excludes certain treatment options depending on the applicability to the case of the person. Its view on the addictive process also differentiates it from traditional treatment programs. It views that addiction can be fully resolved with a healthy physical body, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, interactions, spirituality, and behavioral choices. If holistic rehab is nearby, don’t forget to check around the state—a rehab in Garden Grove, CA, can be helpful.

Paying for Rehab in California

Paying for the treatment provided by drug rehab centers in California like the detox in  or near Bakersfield is part of the concerns in seeking treatment from substance use disorder disorder.

Have your insurance verified for rehab treatment with the assistance from the insurance verification team of the rehab centers in CA. Once your insurance has been verified, the treatment process from the California drug rehab can be pursued.

If the rehab facilities does not accept your insurance coverage, there are still other options that are available. To name a few:

  • Personal funds. Your personal money is the easiest to access given that your personal approval alone is necessary to spend it. The problem will come if the funds you have is insufficient to pay for drug rehab  or alcohol rehab n.
  • Loan from family members and friends. If your personal funds are insufficient to pay for the services of the  rehab, you can opt to lend money from family and friends. Once they know that the purpose for the loan is to pay for a rehab in or near Bakersfield, they may be willing to assist you in your quest for recovery.
  • Loan from your employer. Some institutions are able to lend money to their employees for emergency purposes. Try to inquire whether the company can assist you in paying for the rehab facilities in California by lending you money. The payment can be paid in installments from your monthly salary. If you think that traveling to California would be the best option for you or your loved one’s treatment, then give us a call and find out more about Chapters Capistrano and Monarch Shores Recovery, our two addiction treatment facilities in California.

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