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California is one of the largest states in the nation and currently is ranked 36th for risks associated with Drug and Alcohol abuse. This is a misleading stat since San Diego shares a border with Mexico. Mexico is one of the biggest smugglers of drugs in the world. Every day thousands of cars cross the California border. San Diego is the first major city and is largely at risk of the infiltration of narcotics and illegal substances.

Growing Drug Use in San Diego, California

A lot of residents of San Diego struggle with recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. One of the most popular used in 2017 was methamphetamine. Fentanyl-Laced Street Drugs have also become a problem , and are to blame for the increased overdose deaths in 2017. Nearly 275 county deaths were attributed to opioid overdoses in San Diego County. Currently, the State of California has established new rehab laws that will regulate treatment in California. If you or someone you know is battling a drug addiction learn how to find rehabilitation facilities in California.

Most Commonly Used Drugs in Colleges at San Diego, California

There are several large universities in San Diego including San Diego State (SDSU), the University of San Diego (USD), and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). A new growing problem is an increase in prescription drug use among young adults (18-25). With so many students in such a small radius, the need for resources has also grown. Students can utilize programs within their universities such as narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous in San Diego. Some of the other most commonly used drugs include marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

On a positive note, Scripps Research Institute located in San Diego was given a $10 million grant to study alcohol abuse. Their goal is to discover the molecular mechanisms that cause the stress, and find new therapies.


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Dual Diagnosis Rehab in San Diego

If you or a loved one is battling addiction as well as any form of mental illness then dual diagnosis rehab in San Diego might be the best rehab treatment. Studies conducted by the Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reveal the overwhelming correlation between drug addiction and mental illness. The study estimated around 10 million people seeking treatment for addiction were also battling some form of neurological disorder or mental illness.

Dual diagnosis can be a necessity for patients, so make sure to seek out a facility that has it if needed, such as a rehab center in Ontario, CA.

The correlation between drug use and mental illness and drug use is quite widespread, and according to the around ten million adults who were treated for addiction also suffered from a form of mental illness creates the need for specialized care able to treat both afflictions. Dual Diagnosis is a highly effective program certain treatment centers in San Diego currently provide. In your effort to seek treatment or medical detox in San Diego you might need specialized care. Talk with your doctor to see how dual diagnosis treatment centers can help with both mental illness and drug addiction.

Non- 12-Step  Program in San Diego

A popular form of drug rehab in San Diego is the Non-12-step rehab program. With the same care and qualifications as traditional rehabilitation facilities in San Diego programs, a non-12-step program uses alternative methods for recovery.

An alternative program such as the non-12 step is specifically developed for patients with substance use disorder and addiction disorder who want an organic approach. The non-12 rehab program uses natural techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, hypnosis, breathing, and meditation techniques instead of medication. The technique works with each patient through varied forms of daily practices to help them achieve sobriety. Also included in the program is encouraging patients’ participation in na meetings in San Diego.

Luxury Rehab Centers

It is not uncommon for patients to prefer the high-end luxury treatments that are available to them. A luxury treatment facility in San Diego can provide a completely controlled and private program. Centers offer oceanfront property as locations for their rehab centers and have all amenities, resources, and support available at all times. Beyond the luxurious locations and comforts of Luxury Centers in San Diego, they provide excellent and private care.

If luxury rehab is unavailable locally, consider seeking out a treatment center in Glendale, California.

Faith-Based Treatment

A religious approach is offered for patients that seek to restore their faith during their battle with addiction. Maintaining or restoring your faith in God can elevate and sustain your sobriety. Learn more about Faith-Based Rehab Treatments today.

Holistic Drug Rehab

By focusing your recovery efforts on your mind, body, and habits, you receive spiritual guidance to provide clarity. Learn more about Holistic Drug Rehabs.

Considering SMART Recovery Meetings in San Diego

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a very popular form of substance use disorder treatment in San Diego. San Diego rehab centers that currently provide this program are seeing a lot of positive results. Here is why:

  • Learn How to Avoid Relapse and Overcome Drug Urges: Severe forms of addiction arise from bad habits created by the user. Creating new habits is a major key to learning how to overcome urges to use. Instead of relapsing, patients are taught how to cope with these feelings that have led them to use drugs or alcohol. SMART Recovery programs work with groups and individuals to succeed with their medical detox in San Diego.
  • Avoiding Monotony and a Balanced Lifestyle: Simply trying to detox in San Diego can be overwhelming. Especially if you make becoming sober the main focus of your daily life. SMART Recovery treatments show the importance of creating a balanced lifestyle. By creating new goals and a new structure, managing daily tasks help the patient with losing momentum.
  • Managing Stress, Emotions, and How to Cope with Both: Addicts in recovery for drug or alcohol abuse need to understand the importance of stress management. Oftentimes, the lack of this skill has hindered their efforts in becoming sober. SMART Recovery programs teach the patient that you are the source of your success when battling addiction. Since most who are addicted to substances have trouble managing their thoughts tend to end up using rather than finding healthier coping mechanisms.  SMART Recovery programs teach you how to understand your emotions and why you may be experiencing certain ups and downs.  This is not uncommon. Learning new ways to cope will allow you to avoid old habits that can deter your attempt to recover.
  • Create a Positive Environment and stay Motivated with Support: SMART Recovery programs succeed by building confidence. Confidence will lead to motivation. Motivation is key when working towards setting and achieving your goals. They are inserted into a community of other patients who are going through the same battle as them. Support and constant encouragement can increase success for the patient by helping them reach their goals.

When selecting a SMART Program from a San Diego treatment center you will be given an outlined program that clearly details every aspect of your recovery. SMART Recovery has helped many people stay sober long past the initial detox in San Diego. As part of the program, patients will be able to utilize other members (current members and past) as counselors, mentors, and friends as part of the continual support when participating in substance use disorder treatment in San Diego.


  • State-Funded Medicare-Rehab in San Diego benefits from many state-funded programs. Though rehabilitation centers are expensive, you can work with your center for financial aid.  Every person requires a different approach to obtaining Medicaid or Medicare. Talk with your treatment center to discuss your options.
  • Out of Pocket or Private Payment-Treatment centers and alcohol rehab San Diego centers. Some programs can be quite costly. In most cases, each center will have different prices for different forms of rehab that are required. You can receive free quotes from different centers. Knowing your budget is the best thing you can do if you will be paying out of pocket. This will give you an idea of what is available before your initial consultation.
  • Current Insurance- If you currently have insurance, many different treatment centers will accept insurance as payment. This is the most affordable option that can be little to no money out of pocket to get started. Contact a San Diego rehab center to verify here.

Paying for rehab may be different in other centers, such as a Fontana rehab center, so be sure to compare your options.

Don’t be discouraged from your current financial situation. Regardless of your budget, you should not allow this to prolong your treatment. There are many programs for California Rehab centers that will work with you to get the help you need. Alcohol and drug addiction are a disease that harms millions of people each year. Help is available to you. Start today by reaching out to a Rehab Center in California. Contacting Sunshine Behavioral Health is the first step toward a new and sober you.

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