Luxury Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Besides offering medical and therapeutic help, luxury rehabs in Fort Collins, CO, offer luxurious surroundings to help people address their drug and alcohol abuse and addiction as they build a foundation for long-term recovery.

Fort Collins, Colorado, is home to mountain vistas, college life, and a thriving craft beer culture.

It’s also home to a substantial amount of binge drinkers.

That could be in part due to it being home to the flagship campus for Colorado State University. In general, however, Larimer County (of which Fort Collins is a part) outpaces statewide and even U.S. binge drinking rates. Approximately one in four Larimer County adults binge drink. (That’s five drinks on one occasion for men or four for a woman.) Nearly one in three high school students admitted to drinking in the last month. Just over 15% said they’d binged alcohol in the past 30 days.

Among adolescents and adults ages 12 and up, 8.49% of Coloradoans had a substance use disorder in 2016.

Nearly one in three (30.1%) of Larimer County’s 2020 driving deaths involved alcohol impairment. The rate was higher (32.6%) for 2021, according to early estimates.

Even though data points that there is a need for help, many remain hesitant to seek help. Some fear the cost of treatment, while others don’t relish the thought of discussing problems with a mental health professional. Others worry about what the consequences would be if others discovered the truth.

Someone considering luxury addiction treatment in Fort Collins, CO, probably won’t worry so much about the cost of treatment, but they may be hesitant to open up about their issues, especially if they fear it would tarnish their reputation. That’s where luxury rehab can help. Besides offering evidence-based treatments, they can offer many other perks.


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Luxury Rehabs in Fort Collins, CO

Any quality rehab (luxury or otherwise) usually offers detoxification care and treatments. Luxury drug rehab centers in Fort Collins, CO, typically offer that and more.

One immediate advantage a person might find in going to a high-end facility is that such places offer added privacy and more individualized care.

Substance use disorders (SUDs) affect all walks of life. Rich or poor. Black or white. Any faith (or non-faith). The same applies to mental disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression. SUDs count as mental disorders, too, because addiction alters how a person’s brain functions. Drug and alcohol abuse turns a person away from pursuing normal needs and wants; instead, they shift their focus toward seeking the next high (or avoiding the withdrawal that occurs when the effects wear off).

Whether a person has a SUD or mental health disorder, or both (co-occurring disorders), it’s important to treat them to maximize outcomes.

Advantages of Luxury Drug Rehabs in Fort Collins, CO

There are a number of advantages to seeking treatment at a luxury rehab in Fort Collins, CO. A person considering high-end care might not worry so much about budget but because there is a stigma that lingers around mental health woes and SUDs, they may fear that seeking treatment would ruin their good name. Executives wielding a lot of responsibility may worry that rehab could harm their future, as well as that of their company.

In some cases, that added pressure might lead to substance use disorder as a form of self-medication.

Wealth and privilege do make some people more vulnerable to addiction. Some might be consumed by the desire for success, to the point of it becoming a compulsion.

The offspring of the affluent might be more prone to self-destructive behaviors or substance use disorder as well. Parents may expect them to overachieve, or they may be busy with career demands, and the children feel invisible. Problems might be internalized, and anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance use disorder might follow.

Studies also have found that wealthier people tend to drink more than those who live in poverty, by 27%, in fact. College graduates tend to outdrink non-high school grads by two to one. Children of wealthy parents tend to binge drink more often, too.

Luxury alcohol treatment in Fort Collins, CO, can address the unique needs of well-to-do clients.

Features of Luxury Rehab Centers in Fort Collins, CO

Checking into a luxury alcohol rehab in Fort Collins, CO, has some advantages for its clientele. In addition to evidence-based treatments, rehab could include:

  • More privacy
  • Bespoke care
  • More time with doctors and therapists
  • Innovative treatments
  • Holistic therapies
  • Top amenities

Many rehabs provide a standard course of treatment (detox and therapies), but high-end centers can offer that and more. Besides customized care, clients might look forward to offerings such as:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • An on-site fitness center
  • A swimming pool
  • Spa-like treatments
  • Massage
  • Meals created by a top chef
  • Equine or animal-assisted therapy
  • Golf
  • Tennis courts

Luxury rehab can vary widely in price. The most prestigious facilities can cost around $100,000 a month. These places can look like a resort set in paradise. Even so, addiction recovery is a good amount of work, but luxurious care amplifies the comfort level.

What can a person expect from a luxury drug treatment center in Fort Collins, CO? The first step is a patient exam, so the facility can diagnose both their physical and mental health. That will be used to develop a custom treatment plan. After that, it’s time for detoxification to begin in earnest.

Luxury Detox in Fort Collins, CO

Luxury alcohol rehabs in Fort Collins, CO, will start the client detoxing straight away. That’s the process of getting them free of drugs or alcohol (or both, if need be). It can last for several days. It also can be highly unpleasant. Medication-assisted treatment may be prescribed to address the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and make it safe for the patient.

Some substances, including alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines, can be dangerous to quit outright.

A physical dependence on alcohol may need special care to manage the intense side effects like seizures, vomiting, and hallucinations. Heavy drinkers (ones who drank high amounts of alcohol regularly and for a long time) can also become malnourished (which can contribute to other health woes). That’s because alcohol gets in the way of nutrient absorption, so IVs may be used to provide nutrients, hydration, and medication. That can help with nausea and other symptoms.

Opioids and benzodiazepines may feel almost impossible to quit, too, so medically-assisted treatment can help. Other signs of withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritation
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle aches
  • Cramps

By managing withdrawal, a patient will be more comfortable and less likely to relapse.

Treatment at Luxury Rehab Centers in Lakewood, CO

Luxury alcohol treatment centers in Lakewood, CO, often address drug dependence, too. Once a person has detoxed and is medically stable, they’ll move on to the next stages of rehab, which typically involve:

  • Treatment. Behavioral therapy examines the underlying causes of addiction. Not only does talk therapy address the whys of use, but it helps the patient steer away from negative or harmful behaviors and adopt healthier alternatives.
  • Support groups. Support groups are often a part of the rehab experience, both during inpatient care and beyond. Peers share advice, offer support, and act as a sounding board for other group members.
  • Activities. Rehab isn’t only therapy. Outings and activities are part of the experience, aimed at letting patients unwind a bit as well as to develop healthier alternatives (like exercise or new hobbies).
  • Aftercare. This process begins in rehab. The rehab will develop an action plan with the patient for life after rehab. It may include scheduled check-ins with center staff or appointments with medical professionals and counselors close to home. Support groups are suggested, too, to keep the focus on sobriety.

A luxury drug rehab center in Fort Collins, CO, will offer detox, treatment, and aftercare planning as well as other options. The exact offerings will vary by center, but in general, luxury rehabs offer more high-end amenities, and the standard of care will be more aligned with the patient’s expected standard of living. Besides luxury, such facilities offer greater privacy and protection and can help the patient recover while handling necessary career obligations.


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