Alcohol Treatment in Thornton, Colorado

With so many breweries, dispensaries, bars, and other venues in the state of Colorado, there’s a need for drug and alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO. Trained professionals can provide assistance to treat alcohol and drug problems and the mental health conditions that frequently accompany them.

Why do people need alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO?

According to Guinness World Records in 2006, Thornton, Colorado, was home to the largest liquor store in the entire world. The state of Colorado is also home to many breweries, bars, and dispensaries.

Along with the prevalence of alcohol in Colorado, an increasing number of its residents are struggling with alcohol and drugs:

  • In 2015, 14,084 residents of Colorado sought treatment for problems related to alcohol.
  • In 2019, 15,310 Colorado residents received treatment for alcohol problems.

These 15,310 Colorado residents were 35% of the 43,713 Colorado residents seeking treatment for any sort of alcohol-related or drug-related problem in 2019.

While many people have attended alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO, many more still need it.

In 2014-2015, 335,000 Colorado adults 12 years old or older had an alcohol use disorder. This amounts to 7.5% of people in that age group. Meanwhile, 6.1% of people 12 years old and older had an alcohol use disorder in the United States as a whole.

Alcohol is common in Colorado, and it’s also a common problem.

What is alcohol detox in Thornton, CO?

Before receiving addiction rehab treatment, people often attend alcohol detox centers in Thornton, CO.

Detox, or detoxification, is a vital process because it removes alcohol and drugs from the body. This helps address the physical aspects of addiction or substance use disorder.

But detoxifying from alcohol can be dangerous, especially if someone has been drinking for a long time or has been drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Without the help of an alcohol detox facility in Thornton, CO, or other trained assistance, withdrawing from alcohol abruptly can lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome (delirium tremens, or DT), which could cause seizures or even death.

An alcohol detox center in Thornton, CO, can prescribe medications that reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making withdrawal more comfortable and safe.

What are the benefits of inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in Thornton, CO?

After undergoing detox procedures at substance use disorder treatment centers in Thornton, CO, people begin their treatment.

Outpatient programs are sometimes a good choice, especially if people have responsibilities to fulfill during treatment and they have strong networks of supportive people.

For many others, inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Thornton, CO, might be a better fit. Inpatient alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO, requires people to stay at the facilities where they’re receiving treatment. This can be a good way to remove people from unsupportive environments and help them find more caring ones.

Inpatient alcohol rehabs in Thornton, CO, also provide another advantage: easy access to professional assistance. If clients experience difficulties during the night or on the weekend, they can receive prompt help from people affiliated with their facilities. Such professionals can address problems promptly before they worsen.

Why is therapy a component of substance use disorder treatment in Thornton, CO?

Therapy is an important part of alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO, and treatment for substance use disorder and addiction in general.

Since addiction is a mental health issue as well as a physical one, therapy is a tool that examines why people use alcohol or drugs. By examining the reasons for their substance misuse, people can work with an addiction treatment center in Thornton, CO, to address such factors.

For example, if people drink because they’re experiencing stress at work, they can work on ways to handle the stress that doesn’t incorporate alcohol. They might develop strategies that can help them find a different, less stressful job because they have a clearer, alcohol-free mind.

Why do alcohol rehabs in Thornton, CO, incorporate sobriety support groups?

Sobriety support groups can also help a person achieve a clearer, alcohol-free mind. An alcohol rehab facility in Thornton, CO, might encourage clients to join one of these groups to help provide perspective and support.

Some sobriety support groups affiliated with inpatient alcohol rehabs in Thornton, CO, might include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12-step groups
  • SMART Recovery
  • LifeRing Secular Recovery
  • Women for Sobriety

Members of such groups have had similar experiences, so they know how difficult it is to stop using alcohol and stay sober. These common bonds can give clients additional understanding and sympathy.

Addiction treatment in Thornton, CO, thus provides assistance in all forms.


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