Holistic Treatment in Thornton, Colorado

Addiction treatment comes in many forms. Others may prefer a spiritual approach, and others would like to go through wellness-related methods such as holistic treatment. Are you considering holistic rehab in Thornton, CO? Learn what to expect and how to get started with addiction treatment.

There are many paths towards addiction recovery. Some find their strength by submitting to a Higher Power, as in the 12-step approach, and others find effective ways through self-management and accountability. There is another area of substance use disorder rehab that focuses on overall wellness, which is called holistic treatment. Think of it as an alternative method that is based on ancient or Eastern practices, such as massage therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and meditation.

If you are looking for a holistic rehabilitation center in Thornton, Colorado—either as a resident or a visitor—what are some traits of an addiction treatment facility you should put in your checklist? Below, you can find some helpful information about holistic treatment in Thornton, CO, plus how to onboard with substance use disorder rehab.

Addiction Facts in Thornton, Colorado

  • Opioid overdose rates in Thornton, Colorado, and neighboring cities have shown an alarming increase over the recent years.
  • An issue surrounding substance use disorder in Thornton, CO, is the reluctance to talk about issues regarding addiction and mental health.
  • People who have early onset use of marijuana in Colorado are more likely to abuse other types of drugs such as prescription opioids and hallucinogens.
  • There is a huge need for funding when it comes to substance use disorder treatments in metropolitan Colorado.

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What is Holistic Recovery in Thornton, CO?

As mentioned, holistic drug rehab centers in Thornton, Colorado, are focused on treatments that are traditional, ancient, or Eastern in origins. Many of these programs have the goal of improving mental and physical wellness through different methods based on centuries-old practices.

Below are some examples of programs within holistic addiction treatment centers in Thornton, CO:

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is a very popular holistic treatment that aids in the relaxation of muscles. Often, one of the symptoms of anxiety-related disorders is muscle tension. Massaging methods such as Swedish, Shiatsu, or Thai can help in loosening tight muscles, the flexibility of joints, as well as promoting an overall sense of relaxation.


Reflexology is the method of targeting pressure points, particularly in the foot, to improve certain parts of body functioning. It is believed that these certain pressure points indicate wellness on a certain body part, such as the liver, kidneys, heart, or lungs. The reflexologist applies pressure to these points to contribute to each patient’s wellness.


Acupuncture is the practice of placing very thin needles on certain acupressure points to detoxify the body and improve one’s mental and physical wellness. Many people report a sense of eased tension once the needles are applied for a certain time and removed after sessions.


Aromatherapy is the method in which the patient will engage in their sense of smell to improve wellness. The use of herbs, flowers, and other plants through essential oils, incense, and other products will be provided in a relaxing environment. This method is meant to improve overall relaxation as well.

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are ancient practices that allow students to sit still, focus on the present, breathe deeply, and calm racing or anxious thoughts. This method is taught by an instructor, thereby enabling each patient to practice the calming practice in their daily lives.

Of course, each holistic addiction treatment program in Thornton, CO, will vary. It all depends on the treatments offered in each center, so it can be great to find a substance use disorder treatment center that offers a wide range of holistic options.

What to Expect in Holistics Recovery Center in Thornton, Colorado

Whether you plan to go to holistic alcohol rehabilitation in Thornton, CO, or narcotic-specific treatment, you would find that most high-quality rehab centers will have three stages of care. If you have developed an alcohol or drug dependency, you can expect to go through these main stages of rehab:


The assessment stage is where addiction specialists will look at your personal and health background in relation to your substance use disorder condition. You can expect to go through lab tests, fill out forms, answer questionnaires, and go to physician checkups. The information taken at this stage is meant to help create a personalized treatment depending on your needs.


Whether you are recommended a holistic program or a combination of other treatments, you can expect to undergo holistic drug detox in Thornton, CO. This can be done through the use of counter-medications or slowly weaning off the drug until your withdrawal symptoms are gone.

Once you are physically stable, you will now undergo the treatment program recommended by your holistic drug rehab in Thornton, Colorado. This may include the methods mentioned above, and it can also be combined with other 12-step and non-12 step treatments.


Most holistic drug treatment centers in Thornton, CO, will last for about 30–90 days. Towards the end of this timeline, addiction specialists that have worked with you will create an aftercare program to ensure that you will have long-term addiction recovery. This can mean you will have some recommendations for care within your local area or as an outpatient within the rehab center. You may also receive nutrition and exercise plans, as well as relapse prevention guides.

What to Look For in a Holistic Addiction Treatment Center in Thornton, CO

Now that you know what a holistic alcohol rehab in Thornton, CO or a narcotic-focused addiction treatment entails, here are some things that you should place in your checklist when finding a facility:

  • Accreditation: It is best to find a rehab or a holistic detox center in Thornton, Colorado, that is accredited by third-party companies. Accreditation means they have met professional and facility standards for healthcare centers.
  • Facilities: One should also look for centers that have facilities meant for holistic methods. This means having massage beds, wellness centers, or dedicated rooms to perform such treatments.
  • Additional services: You should also consider the additional services you may need if you were to stay in the treatment facility within 30–90 days. Think about the quality of meals and lodging, Wi-Fi accessibility, grocery assistance, parking, and other amenities that would make your experience positive.
  • Financing options: Finances are also a great consideration when it comes to looking for holistic alcohol treatment in Thornton, CO, and other substance use disorder services. You must find a center that is open to the financing option you are capable of.

Getting Started with Holistic Addiction Treatment in Thornton, CO

Wondering how to get started with holistic rehab in Thornton, CO? After reading through the comprehensive information above, you can now follow the steps to help you move forward towards addiction recovery.

Verify your insurance or financing options

You can start by verifying your healthcare insurance in a holistic rehab center to know the coverage of your substance use disorder treatment. Alternatively, you can also ask about other financing options and ask about other related concerns about addiction treatment.

Prepare for rehab

Preparing for rehab also means knowing what to bring, informing others of your temporary absence, as well as making arrangements as you leave for inpatient or outpatient treatment. You can start by informing your employer, school, family members, and other responsibilities you may have as you start your journey to recovery.

Inform trusted loved ones

It is also helpful to share your addiction treatment plans with trusted friends and family. This way, they can provide many forms of support, such as providing finances, handling responsibilities, or helping you with travel during your substance use disorder rehab.

Holistic Treatment in Thornton, CO

The information above will provide you with resources to jumpstart your holistic addiction treatment. Taking the first step can be as easy as contacting a rehab center, asking about holistic treatments, and going forward with your preparations.


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