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El Paso, Texas is a vibrant city that offers much to do. It’s location across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico makes it a center of diversity and culture.

At the same time, drug rehabs in El Paso, TX are needed, because the city’s location also makes it convenient for drug trafficking.

During an eight-day period December, 2021, drug-related arrests at border crossings in the El Paso area include:

  • December 2, 2021: Police officers in El Paso confiscated cocaine, seven pounds of heroin, and over eight pounds of fentanyl from a car.
  • December 6th: 634 pounds of marijuana in 119 bundles were found in a railcar.
  • December 7th: Over two pounds of fentanyl, 524 pounds of methamphetamine (meth) were uncovered in a tractor trailer.
  • December 8th: Over 55 pounds of meth in liquid form were hidden in detergent bottles.
  • December 9th: Police found over 23 pounds of fentanyl hidden in a spare tire of an SUV.

Such arrests speak to the need for drug rehab in El Paso, TX.


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What happens in a drug detox center in El Paso, TX?

Before people begin treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, there’s a good chance they’ll visit drug detox centers in El Paso, TX.

Detox, or detoxification, are procedures for removing drugs and alcohol from people’s bodies. When people enter a drug detox treatment center in El Paso, TX, they might receive prescription medications to help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They might also receive drugs to address anxiety and other psychological conditions that may accompany addiction and withdrawal.

What is inpatient drug rehab in El Paso, TX?

Sometimes, detox centers are part of inpatient drug rehabs in El Paso, TX. Inpatient or residential rehab is an approach that requires people to stay and receive treatment at the same facilities.

By staying at inpatient drug rehab centers in El Paso, TX, people have fewer outside distractions and can concentrate on their treatment. They’re removed from places, things, and people who may trigger them to use drugs as well as the drugs themselves.

How does therapy relate to drug addiction treatment in El Paso, TX?

Different drug rehab facilities in El Paso, TX have various approaches and their clients have various needs. But many incorporate some sort of therapy into their programs.

When attending a drug rehab facility in El Paso, TX, a person might participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), for example.

Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages people to change unhelpful feelings and thoughts to more positive, constructive ones. These changes can help people ultimately change their behaviors.

In fact, substance use disorder treatment in El Paso, TX is about understanding the negativity of substance use disorder and addiction while replacing it with the positivity of recovery.


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