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As with almost all metro areas, Garland has its share of substance use disorder problems, with 949 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 in 2018 in Dallas County. Despite these issues, Garland, TX, is considered a wonderful place to live, with plenty of parks and recreation facilities that feature amenities such as swimming pools, a lake, greenbelts, tennis courts, and golf courses to help residents stay active in all stages of life. Additionally, this city boasts a stable and diverse economy, so businesses and residents can all thrive.

Despite the benefits of this community, there are still people who find that they need to seek addiction treatment. For many, the idea of attending a step-based treatment program is offputting. Non-12-step rehab programs are gaining popularity because of their unique approach to overcoming an addiction. Yet, despite the differences in treatment models, it is still essential to understand that the ultimate goal is to help clients overcome their substance use disorder issues so they can live a healthy, happy, recovering lifestyle.

Understanding the Non-12-Step Recovery Program

Non-12-step treatment in Garland, TX, will likely feature an entirely different program than a step-based one. So, there may be more or fewer stages than what one might experience when they enter a 12-step treatment plan.

Some of the more popular non-12 step rehab treatments in Garland might include:

  • LifeRing Secular Recovery. This non-12 step system focuses on personal responsibility to help with addiction recovery. Through the principles of sobriety, secularity, and self-help, as well as peer support, this tool can be a tremendous help for living a life in recovery.
  • SMART Recovery. This recovery program is based on science. Participants abstain from the source of their addiction while working to overcome the urges to use drugs or drink alcohol through a series of self-management and empowerment tools.

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Benefits to Attending Non-12-Step Treatment Centers in Garland, TX

There are many benefits to attending non-12-step treatment centers in Garland, TX. However, one of the biggest is that this approach ensures that you are in a safe, recovery-friendly environment because your treatment takes place in a rehab facility.

Non 12 step treatment programs are usually done in inpatient rehab, and as recovery progresses, they can continue to outpatient and even aftercare work. Most of the time, non-12 step rehab programs will last between 30 and 90 days, depending on the needs of the individual.

Most non-12 step recovery programs in Garland, TX, will have a structure similar to this:

  •   Assessment. Whether step-based or non-twelve-step treatment programs, all addiction treatment will start with an in-depth evaluation of the client to develop a plan that meets their needs. This process usually includes a series of health questions and a physical evaluation.
  •   Detox. Most of the time, when attending a non-12-step alcohol rehab or a non-12-step drug rehab, it will be necessary to undergo detox. In some of the best non-12-step rehabs in Garland, TX, detox will be onsite, so there is no need to wait after completion to get into treatment. However, it is important to note that treatment proper cannot begin until the client has been fully detoxed.
  •   Treatment. Non-12-step rehab treatment will likely consist of many evidence-based components, including group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, family therapy, and relapse prevention. There may also be the option for alternative, complementary treatments.
  •   Recovery. After the rehab program has been completed, a non-12-step recovery plan is put into place to help those who have finished the program stay on the path to recovery and prevent relapse once they are back in their lives.

Finding the Best Non-12-Step Rehab Programs in Garland, TX

Garland has many addiction treatment options: group meetings, outpatient, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic alternatives, individual counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and SMART recovery meetings.

Finding great non 12 step rehabs in Garland, TX that fit your needs shouldn’t be challenging. You can find many resources available to help you find the best rehab programs in Garland.

If it’s paying for non-12-step rehab treatment that has you worried, you shouldn’t. Your insurance may cover the cost of attending a Garland rehab facility. It is also possible to finance your stay in other ways, such as personal loans and help from friends and family.


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