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Are you looking for a way out from drug abuse plaguing your loved one or yourself and are looking for detox in or near Killeen? Then you have taken the right first step by visiting us at Sunshine Behavioral Health. Our Texas rehab center caters to every case of drug and alcohol addiction in and around Killeen. This makes us a preferred center for substance use disorder treatment.

Drug abuse in Texas – The recent trends

Rehab centers in Killeen, TX work to curb the problem of drug abuse across the state. The most commonly seized drugs in Texas in 2015 were methamphetamine (32.4%), cannabis (19.6%), and cocaine (18.5%). Along with alcohol abuse, they form a dangerous circle of abuse and addiction. In fact, deaths due to drug overdoses in Texas continue to grow every year.

The Killeen Police Chief has recognized the illegal drugs as a major issue of Killeen; including meth, cocaine and heroin.

Drug and Substance Use Disorder by students in Killeen, TX

The numbers around drug abuse are equally pronounced among young adults ages 18-26 as they are with adults over 26 years old. The past year alcohol use among these young adults showed that 73% of these students consumed alcohol at least once. Furthermore, every 1 in 3 college students in Texas consumed marijuana at least once in the past year. Local colleges, such as Central Texas College offer programs to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. Rehab is also available in Abilene and Austin rehabs are another popular option. Corpus Christi rehabs and Terlingua rehabs are also pitching in to help.

Recovery from drug abuse need not be tough

The numbers do look quite staggering. However, if you or your loved one is stricken by this addiction, don’t fight it alone. At Sunshine Behavioral Health in Texas, our team of therapists and counselors help ease your journey towards complete recovery at the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Texas. Your addiction problem might be different from other cases. Hence, it may need a more personalized approach available at the Texas drug rehab center.

At our center for substance use disorder treatment in Texas, we believe in deploying a treatment and therapy regimen as per your unique case, rather than offering the same solution to everyone. This way, the efficacy of the therapies for drug rehab in Texas will be deeper, and you will get the needed professional help to recover from your drug and alcohol addiction issues.


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Range of treatment offered in rehabs in or near Killeen

There are broad array of programs at treatment centers in Killeen that will deliver outcomes aligned with different cases:

12-Step Rehab

The 12-step rehab program in Killeen is designed to deliver a proven therapy method so that you can overcome drug addiction in Texas easily. Many patients undergoing this therapy at Killeen rehabilitation centers are ready to enter the social world after step 3 itself. They complete the rest of the steps within their area’s support group as per the Killeen AA meeting schedule or at the NA meetings in Killeen.

SMART Recovery

The Self-Management and Recovery Training or SMART Recovery Meetings in Killeen deploy a modern approach to measures in drug rehab Killeen TX. These programs bring together people who have had similar issues to share their experiences with others in the program. The SMART Recovery Meetings in Killeen not only inspire the patient undergoing the program but also give vital cues on how to cope with the rehab phase better at the rehabilitation facilities in Killeen.

Holistic drug rehab

It is not just the body that is ravaged by drug addiction. There is a strong role played by the mind and the spirit in coping with the rehabilitation from drug addiction. With the holistic or Non-12 step rehab in Killeen, the road to recovery is all-encompassing, thanks to the core principle in this program – all addictions can be resolved completely.

Dual Diagnosis addiction

For dual diagnosis rehab in Killeen, the patient is assessed for drug addiction issues as well as mental health problems that may accompany the case. This is a valuable program to enroll into in case you are suffering from mental health concerns and drug abuse issues. Therapists for medical detox in Killeen strongly believe that one of the two may trigger the other condition. Hence, the dual diagnosis program tries to nip the problem in the bud and provide a lasting solution to both the problems.

Faith rehab centers

This line of therapy offered at Killeen treatment center inter-links the efficacy of the rehab program with your inner spirituality. This spiritual detox center in Killeen results in a better response to the treatment and leads to successful addiction recovery. Bible study groups, scripture discussions, and regular religious service blend with therapy at the Killeen rehab centers, to help you get your spiritual life back on track.

Paying for the rehabilitation program

You may be thinking about the various options available to you when you opt to enter the programs for substance use disorder treatment in Texas. For this there are several options for Texas rehab which might align well with your specific case:

  • Health insurance: We work with major insurance providers in the United States, including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana. You need to confirm that your coverage includes substance use disorder disorders before enrolling into the program at the drug rehab centers in Texas.  If you prefer, our insurance team are ready to talk with your insurance company and provide a no-obligation verification process at no charge when considering enrolling into our rehabilitation facilities in Texas.
  • SAMHSA: The Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) helps with grants, in case you don’t have insurance coverage to pay for the programs such as rehab and detox in Killeen. Check on their site to see if you qualify for the grants before you get into the appropriate program for drug rehab in or near Killeen.
  • Third Party Loan: The expert team from the drug rehab centers will help check your options for securing third-party private loans. These will depend on your credit score and your repayment capability, and if you qualify, it can make for a viable source of financing your treatment. You can also raise funds from family, friends, or dip into your savings to ensure that the recovery at rehab centers in or near Killeen successfully happens. Talk to our counselors at our Texas rehab facility to assess your treatment and funding options.

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Get started on a comprehensive program for rehab in Texas. Our counselors, therapists, and physicians at Sunshine Behavioral Health will provide all-round assistance to help you combat the issue of drug and alcohol addiction. If you think that traveling to Texas then give us a call and find out more about Willow Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Texas.

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