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Terlingua, Texas is best known for Terlingua Trading Company, Chisos Mining, Terlingua Racing Team, Ghost Town, and of course, the Big Bend National Park.

Currently, Terlingua proper’s population is 89, however, despite this small population number, they are no stranger to the substance use disorder problem faced in this country. Their situation is different though. Being near the Big Bend National Park and in the Mexican border, the reported cases of substance use disorder in Terlingua involved immigrants and residents of nearby towns and cities like Austin.

Commonly Abused Drugs near Terlingua, TX

In an article published by Splinter News, it was revealed that for the residents of the Big Bend area weed is their choice drug. Aside from weed, another drug found by patrols of Big Bend is what’s known as mushrooms. This is a type of hallucinogenic drug that naturally occurs and looks like an ordinary mushroom. However, once taken, either by mixing with tobacco or weed or by eating it fresh, this drug will convert psilocybin to psilocin, therefore causing psychoactive effects to the body.

Recent Statistics on Drug Use in Texas

  • In a report released by The Daily Beast, they shared that according to the Center for Investigative Reporting, there are more US citizens caught by the Border Patrol in possession of drugs than Mexicans and this trend is rapidly increasing.
  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health released by SAMHSA Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, 7.56 percent of 12 to 17-year-old Texan children have experienced using illicit drugs in the past month; 17.23 percent of those in the 18 to 25 age bracket revealed that they have used illicit drugs in the past month, and 5.78 percent of those in the 26 and up age bracket were reported to have used the same drug in the past month.
  • In terms of marijuana use, the same survey revealed that 10.47 percent of 12 to 17-year-old Texan children have experienced using the illicit drug in the past month; 25.42 percent of those in the 18 to 25 age bracket, revealed that they have used marijuana in the past month, and 7.30 percent of those in the 26 and up age bracket were reported to have used the same drug in the past month.
  • In terms of illicit drug use other than marijuana, the same survey revealed that 3.24 percent of 12 to 17-year-old Texan children have experienced using these drugs in the past month; 2.20 percent of those in the 26 and up age bracket were reported to have used the same drug in the past month.

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Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder near Terlingua, TX

There are various treatment options available when considering entering drug rehab centers near Terlingua or in alcohol rehab near Terlingua. In addition to other program options, the three main treatment programs available in Terlingua rehab are Terlingua rehab facilities’ residential treatment, outpatient treatment offered by Terlingua treatment center, and dual diagnosis available in rehabs in Terlingua.

Residential treatment in rehab center Terlingua is ideal for those who have a severe case of addiction or those with the underlying mental health condition. Consider comparing rehab plans in Terlingua with those of a Pasadena rehab center. In this type of treatment offered by substance use disorder treatment Terlingua center, the duration can either be long-term or short-term. The former can last for 3 to 6 months, or more, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. On the other hand, short-term treatment in treatment centers Terlingua can run from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, again, depending on the patient’s need and condition. If your desired type of treatment is not available in Terlingua, consider seeking out the details of a rehab in Mesquite, TX.

Dual Diagnosis rehab in Terlingua is for those who are suffering from addiction and who has a co-occurring mental health condition. They will receive treatment for these two conditions in Terlingua rehabilitation centers. As for outpatient rehab offered by rehab Terlingua, this treatment program is best for those who have gone through inpatient rehab in the past but still need help in maintaining their sobriety once in the outside world. This treatment is also best for those who have the support of family and friends. Dual diagnosis can be a necessity for patients, so make sure to seek out a facility that has it if needed, such as a rehab center in Austin, Texas.

Other treatment programs and aftercare services include the following:

  • AA Terlingua or Alcoholics Anonymous near Terlingua
  • Non-12-Step rehab near Terlingua
  • Luxury Rehab near Terlingua
  • AA Meetings Terlingua
  • Alcohol treatment centers near Terlingua
  • NA Meetings Terlingua
  • NA Terlingua or Narcotics Anonymous Terlingua
  • Medical Detox Terlingua
  • SMART Recovery Meetings near Terlingua

Paying for Texas Drug Rehab Centers and Detox near Terlingua, TX

There are various options for payment of rehab programs. Paying for rehab may be different in other centers, such as an Irving, TX, rehab center, so be sure to compare your options. You can take advantage of the following payment options:

  • Pay by Insurance for Texas rehab
  • Private Financing accepted by rehab near Terlingua
  • Rehab Scholarships offered by rehab facilities
  • Self-Funding accepted in rehab centers
  • Use your Medicaid coverage for rehab centers
  • Government Insurance such and Medicare

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