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Pasadena, Texas is located in the county of Harris and part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area. With an estimated population of 148,215 in 2020, Pasadena is the second-largest city in Harris County and the 21st largest city in the state of Texas.

The National Institute on Drug Use reported 1,402 deaths related to an opioid overdose in the state of Texas in 2018. Compared to the 4.7% rates per 100,000 persons recorded in 2015, an increase of 0.2% in the rate of opioid-related deaths in Texas was observed from the 4.9% rates recorded in 2016. In Harris County, 1,384 deaths per 100,000 people due to drug overdose were recorded between 2014 to 2016. With an increasing number of cases, there is a need to implement better laws, policies, and preventive measures for substance use disorder as well as better access and availability of treatments to the users of these substances.

Substance Use Disorder Pasadena, Texas

Like other cities in the state of Texas, Pasadena is facing a big challenge with substance use among its residents. Opioids, including heroin, fentanyl, codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and others are not the only substances that are abused in Pasadena, TX, they are also abusing substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and other drug types.

Admitting and accepting that you need treatment for your addiction is the first step in recovery. Without seeking any help from rehab centers in Texas, there is a risk of addiction worsening and leading to overdose. Getting admitted to Pasadena drug rehab centers can provide substance users and abusers the treatment that they require to overcome addiction and their cravings. Patients who wish to recover should choose rehab facilities in Pasadena that offers the treatments that will fit with their specific needs and issues. Numerous hospitals, facilities, and centers are willing and ready to help and provide users and addicts with substance use disorder treatment in Pasadena. Recovering from addiction is not impossible. Treatment centers in Pasadena will help you get back on your feet and recover the life you had before you.

Substance Use among College Students in Pasadena, TX

Texas has a state-wide program that funds numerous schools and communities to educate and address the issues regarding underage drinking, smoking, and drug use and misuse. Colleges and universities in Pasadena also implement alcohol and drug use policies. Seminars regarding the dangers of alcohol and drugs and on-campus counseling are available for students as well as university employees. If needed, students may have access to rehab in other cities, such as an Irving rehabilitation center.

Regardless of this the University of Houston (located close to Pasadena) still deals with drug distribution and abuse. In 2016 a UH professor was arrested for selling synthetic drugs. Those with addiction should immediately be guided to rehabs in Pasadena to treat and recover from their addiction.


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Type of Treatments Available in Pasadena Rehabilitation Centers

People with any kind of addiction should immediately get help from rehabilitation facilities in Pasadena. Since each addiction is different and each individual reacts and experiences them differently, the right treatment for one person may not work for another.  Pasadena rehab centers offer different types of treatment that will deal with the different issues that patients are suffering from. When it comes to addiction, the treatment given should not only provide recovery from addiction but also determine the underlying issues that come with it. If your desired type of treatment is not available in Pasadena, consider seeking out the details of a rehab in McAllen, TX.

  • Detoxification: Detox in Pasadena should be the first step in every treatment. Depending on the severity and type of addiction the person has, there are instances where detox Pasadena is the only treatment that an individual will need inside of a rehab facility. Detox center Pasadena is a place for patients to detoxify or remove the harmful and toxic substances in their bodies safely and comfortably. This is an important process since having those substances in your body while receiving other treatment can trigger cravings and result in relapse. When removing the toxic substances from the body, an individual may experience a strong urge to consume alcohol or drugs, and when they do not consume any of it they may experience withdrawal symptoms. These can be very dangerous and life-threatening. Medical detox Pasadena has doctors and nurses that can provide around-the-clock supervision, medical services, and medical drugs that can help relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  • 12 Step Programs: This type of treatment heavily involves spirituality and religion. 12-Step programs offered by rehab centers in Pasadena teach that with the power of an almighty being, patients can recover from whatever they are struggling with. The 12-Step program is also followed by AA Pasadena and NA Pasadena.
  • Non-12 Step Rehab: Not everyone feels comfortable with religion and spirituality. Various Pasadena treatment center offers non 12 step program that provides science-based programs and treatments such as cognitive behavior therapy, individual or group counseling, and SMART recovery meetings in Pasadena.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings: The Self-Management and Recovery Training Program has similarities with the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA’s) 12-step rehabilitation routine but is fundamentally different in basic ways.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab: There are cases where mental illness and addiction co-occur. For an effective recovery treatment, drug and alcohol rehab centers in Pasadena offer a dual diagnosis to treat both the drug or alcohol problem and the mental disorder. Dual diagnosis can be a necessity for patients, so make sure to seek out a facility that has it if needed, such as a rehab center in Lubbock, Texas.
  • Luxury Rehab: There are special Pasadena rehab facilities that provide patients with a luxurious and comfortable treatment setting. This luxurious drug rehab in Pasadena or alcohol treatment centers in Pasadena will make you feel like you are on a vacation while receiving the treatment for your addiction.
  • Faith Rehab: If your drug abuse has led you away from your faith, you may wish to go back to being more spiritually aware during your recovery from addiction. This is where a Faith drug rehab can be helpful.

Paying for Rehab in Texas

Patients who wish to get treatment from rehab facilities in Texas may pay privately or with their insurance. Those who wish to pay through their insurance should first verify with their insurance company or through the rehab center since some insurance and the plan you have may include different coverage and treatment benefits.

For those without insurance, there are government programs that can pay for the cost of rehab. Other options include loans from family and friends or payment plans.

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