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Fresno is the sixth-largest area in California and with a population of more than 522,000, it’s also one of the top 10 most populous counties in the whole state. Like the rest of the country, however, it’s not immune from the menace of illicit and prescription drugs. There’s a huge demand out there for treatment centers such as Fresno drug rehab centers that can accommodate the rising number of drug and alcohol dependents in Fresno. There are also Alcoholics Anonymous in Fresno and Narcotics Anonymous in Fresno

From 2012 to 2014, Fresno recorded 297 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people, with a 10% mortality rate.

Officials are aware of the extent of the problem. In fact, they adopted the Fresno County’s Alcohol and Other Drug Strategic Prevention Plan for 2015-2020, which seeks to reduce alcohol and drug prevalence among the youth through a series of proactive programs. But the problem is so widespread that everybody has to do their part, including families who play an important role in helping their loved ones free themselves from the clutches of addiction.

Sometimes, however, they may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. That’s understandable but they can call Fresno rehab facilities, so they will know the next steps to take.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Fresno

Meth abuse cases are common in Fresno and are referred to drug rehab centers in Fresno, CA. In fact, in 2009, a British documentary was released putting a spotlight on the problem. The document titled The City Addicted to Crystal Meth, showed how illicit drugs have placed a large burden on communities. Meth seems to be the drug of choice among the substance use disorderrs in the city. However, marijuana is also commonly abused, along with prescription drugs, heroin, opiates, cocaine and crack cocaine.

Meth is a particularly sinister drug. There’s such a thing as “meth rage,” which makes people prone to aggressive behavior because of the large release of noradrenaline.

This may explain the high crime rate in Fresno with an average of 3,321 violent crimes per 100,000 population. Property crimes are even higher at 21,123. In fact, Fresno is rated 7% in terms of the crime index, which means that 7% safer than the rest the US. One in 157 people is likely to become a victim of a violent crime in Fresno. That’s higher than in the entire state of California, which has a ratio of 1:225.

Meth treatment requires medical detox in Fresno. The duration can last from three days to one week, depending on the severity of the problem.

Meanwhile, what most people don’t understand is that alcohol is considered a drug. People are so exposed to liquor that they think it’s harmless. In 2012, a freshman at Fresno State died after binge drinking at a party. His situation is not unique. In fact, alcohol poisoning claims 88,000 lives each year in the US, yet young people still ignore the danger, particularly when ingested in combination with other drugs. There are many alcohol treatment centers in Fresno and AA meetings in Fresno that can help you or your loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction.


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Issues Specific to Fresno

Fresno follows Bakersfield as the city with the highest number of population living in extreme poverty, a Wall St. 24/7 survey published earlier this year revealed. If you are a family of four with an annual income of less than $25,100 then you are considered living below the poverty threshold. In Fresno, the concentrated poverty rate was 42.2% at the time of the survey. The joblessness rate among poor communities has climbed up to 17.7%. Compare that to the 3.7% unemployment rate in the US and you have an idea of how dire the situation is.

The situation of poor families makes them vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse. With no resources to support their addiction, it’s likely that they will turn to drug trafficking as a means of livelihood. They are not also less likely to enter drug rehab centers in Fresno because they can’t afford the costs.

Substance Use Disorder in Fresno, CA and State Colleges

According to the Fresno County’s Alcohol and Other Drug Strategic Prevention Plan for 2015-2020

  • College students abuse alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. More than 8 in 10 respondents in the survey said they have used alcohol in the past. Nearly 8 in 10 use marijuana, while 3 in 10 are abusing prescription painkillers.
  • The same types of drugs are being abused by students in middle school although the prevalence rate is lower.
  • In Fresno, the first-time user was recorded to be as young as 10 years old.
  • On average, alcohol and marijuana are used by young people when they hit 15 years of age.
  • Young people under 20 who are admitted into rehabilitation centers in Fresno have been rising in recent years. In fact, they make up around 28% to 43% of the total admissions of rehab facilities in Fresno.
  • Next to alcohol and marijuana, meth is the third most abused drugs in the county among the younger who are 20 years old and younger.
  • However, meth is the drug of choice people who are over 20 years old.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Fresno

Rehab facilities in Fresno employ different therapy methods to help individuals lick their addiction problem. Below are just some of the types of substance use disorder treatment in Fresno.

  • Non-12 step rehab in Fresno: The non-12 step rehab in Fresno is seen as an alternative to the 12-step rehab. This is also called non-faith rehab. The principle is rooted more in the teachings of psychotherapy and psychology. It empowers the individual to find the power to change within himself.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab in Fresno: Dual diagnosis, meanwhile, is a type of treatment reserved for co-occurring conditions. The correlation between drug or alcohol abuse and mental illness has been well-established. It’s not uncommon for drug dependents to experience depression or struggle with suicidal tendencies. On the other hand, people with anxiety problems are vulnerable to substance use disorder. It’s important that each aspect is addressed for the patient to make a full recovery.
  • Luxury rehab in Fresno: There are luxury rehabs in Fresno that are geared to provide the sophisticated needs of some patients. These types of treatment centers in Fresno have facilities comparable to luxurious hotels and spas. They are as much as a getaway as a treatment center. They also have a better ratio between staff and patient, so you have a much better chance at recovery. Luxury rehab may only be available in certain cities, such as a Glendale treatment facility.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Fresno: SMART recovery is a self-help program that will empower the individual with the right tools to deal with drug addiction on his own. It’s anchored on self-reliance as the path toward recovery, unlike with Faith rehabs which motivates the patient into leading a life of sobriety by surrendering to a higher power.
  • Detox in Fresno – A typical drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Fresno has a medical detox program, which will help cleanse the body of toxins. This is the first step toward recovery since it will help minimize the cravings for alcohol or drugs. Once you finish with the detox program, which can take from three days to a month, you can proceed with the treatment proper. If detox is unavailable locally, consider checking in rehabs in Oceanside, CA.

After you are done with the stay inside the rehab, you should follow through with your treatment by attending an after-care program. Fresno AA meetings and Fresno NA meetings are part of the after-care treatment. The Fresno rehab is just the start of your journey. You will struggle throughout your life to remain sober and avoid relapse.

Paying for Rehab in Fresno

Admitting yourself into a Fresno treatment center is expensive. That’s why having insurance is crucial to help defray the costs. This insurance can be either public or private. The Affordable Care Act that was enacted in March 2010 helped bring mental illness and rehab into the healthcare mainstream. Insurance companies can no longer turn you away because of a preexisting mental condition. They are also unable to reject you when you need to go to a drug rehab in Fresno. It may be a good idea to compare payment plans between rehab centers, such as a rehab center in Ontario, California.

Meanwhile, rehab facilities in Fresno also have payment plans available that you can take advantage of. For instance, some will hold off collection until the patient finished the program and managed to find a job afterward. Others will offer installment plans at very low-interest rates. Other ways to pay for rehab in Fresno, CA, is accepting a loan from family or friends.

There are many ways to pay for Fresno rehabilitation centers. But the first step is to admit you have a problem in the first place. If you or your loved one are unable to get out of the clutches of alcohol and drug addiction, you are not alone. The good news is that recovery is not impossible. If you think that traveling to California would be the best option for you or your loved one’s treatment, then give us a call and find out more about Chapters Capistrano and Monarch Shores Recovery, our two addiction treatment facilities in California.

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