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Aside from recreational visits, Killeen can also be an excellent spot for addiction treatment. Are you considering non-12 step rehab in Killeen, TX? Find out how to get started in this guide.

Killeen, TX, is a Central Texas city between Dallas and San Antonio, commonly known as the city of Fort Hood, the US Army base where many service members are sent for combat training. Many families reside in Killeen and find that the area has many recreational activities, including parks, cultural centers, and historical museums.

Are you coming to Killeen, TX, for non-12 step rehab? What are the things you need to know? Below, you will discover a comprehensive guide on how to get started with non-12 step addiction treatment.

Addiction Statistics in Killeen, Texas

Killeen, Texas, lies within Bell County, located in the central portion of the state. One of the primary concerns of Bell County regarding substance use disorder is the rates of addiction to opioids, alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

One of the Bell County government’s programs is finding ways to deal with drug-related crime and mental health patients. In addition, the local government is planning to create diversion centers that will help resolve the ties between mental illness and substance use disorder-related crimes.

Private non-12 step rehabs are also in full gear to accommodate patients who want to receive services to battle substance use disorder.


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Non-12 Step Rehab in Killeen, TX

Perhaps you are familiar with alcohol or drug rehab in general but would like to know more about the treatment programs available. For example, non-12 Step Rehab is one of the standard programs available in Killeen, TX, addiction treatment centers.

What is Non-12 Step Rehab?

Non-12 Step is an umbrella term for addiction treatment programs that do not involve the 12-Step, the spiritual approach to substance use disorder intervention. There are a variety of methods within the Non-12 Step, namely:

  • Psychotherapy: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and other programs which require interaction with a therapist to deal with thoughts and emotions regarding substance use disorder
  • Holistic methods: The use of meditation, wellness therapies, and other ancient or eastern practices to improve one’s mental and emotional being
  • Self-management: SMART recovery, self-help, and methods that strengthen one’s ability to manage triggers through discipline and habits

Any program that does not involve the 12-Steps recovery is considered a Non-12 step method. Please take note that you can combine these programs with a 12-Step approach or take them simultaneously with support groups and other treatments you prefer.

What to Look for in Non-12 Step Rehabs in Killeen, Texas

If you are decided on onboarding for a Non-12 Step rehab in Killeen, Texas, it is essential to note that there are distinct traits you should look for in a rehab center:

Accreditation and professional licensure

Accreditation and licenses are a significant first step to narrowing your choices toward a quality non-12 step addiction treatment center. Find accredited rehabs under healthcare-credentialing companies such as LegitScript and Joint Commission. This provides you with the assurance that you will receive quality care and have the top-notch facilities you need.

Professional licensure is also helpful as you will be working with addiction specialists, therapists, and doctors during your stay. This makes sure that they know the right protocols and can empathize with your needs.

Availability of Non-12 Step programs

Another trait to look for is the availability of Non-12 Step programs within the center. Many non-12 step methods require certain professionals or facilities for patients to receive care. For example, holistic treatment may require massage or meditation rooms and qualified therapists.

Look for rehab centers that offer programs, professionals, and facilities for non-12 step treatments. Some known non-12 step programs include psychotherapies, holistic therapy, self-help, dual diagnosis, and others.

Services during rehab

If you prioritize your experience during your stay in the treatment center, it is essential to also ask about the additional services you would receive during rehab. Think of it as if you would stay in an apartment, hotel, or any facility for the long term.

Some of the things that patients usually ask about are:

  • Meals and lodging
  • Parking
  • Internet access
  • Grocery assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Family counseling
  • Availability of medical assistance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Support groups
  • Laundry facilities

Such services affect one’s quality of experience within the rehab center.

What to Expect During Non-12 Step Rehab in Killeen, TX

Choosing a non-12 step rehab may raise some questions–what are you to expect during treatment? How does the process usually go? Typically, many non-12 step programs have three stages of care:


The assessment stage is where experts will know more about your substance use disorder background. For example, they may give you a check-up to see the extent of addiction and look into other mental or physical health conditions that affect substance use disorder.

The goal of the assessment is to help specialists create a customized program for your non-12 step rehab.


Non-12 step treatment can be for alcohol addiction, drug abuse, or a dual diagnosis condition. If withdrawal symptoms exist, patients will typically undergo a medical detox to help wean off the addictive substance and be physically stable for treatment. Otherwise, they may proceed to the customized program based on the assessment.

The second part of the treatment is the customized program, which includes the non-12 step methods that the experts recommend and the ones you prefer.


An aftercare plan should be in place just before the patient gets discharged from rehab. You can follow this program along with some referrals to prevent addiction relapse. It can include:

  • Diet and exercise programs
  • Stress management techniques
  • Family counseling to support relapse prevention
  • Relapse prevention guides
  • Referrals to be outpatient or for local supports

A well-crafted aftercare program is essential to one’s success in recovery past the rehab center.

Paying for Non-12 Step Rehab in Killeen, TX

Another concern for those getting into non-12 step rehab is financing options. The first line of financing would usually be healthcare insurance that covers the cost of behavioral health treatment. You can verify if your insurance covers substance use disorder treatment at no cost or commitment to Killeen, TX rehabs.

If you do not have health insurance, there are other ways to finance your addiction treatment. Look into the following alternatives:

  • Asking for sponsorship from family and friends
  • Asking for coverage from your employer
  • Crowdfunding or internet funding methods
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Personal and medical loans

Combining these methods can help you gather enough funds to start your rehab. Ask your treatment center about flexible payment plans or discounts to help you afford the non-12 step program you need.

Traveling to Killeen, TX Non-12 Step Centers

Killeen, TX, has its regional airport named Killeen-Fort Hood Airport. Land travel is about 15 minutes away from the downtown center from the regional airport. You can find routes directly to Killeen-Fort Hood airport coming from most international airports.

Bus, train, and taxi options are also available should you be traveling from other major cities in Texas. Amtrak and Greyhound services are available to and from Killeen, TX.

Ask your rehab center about the travel assistance you would need. For example, they may be able to provide pickups, land arrangements, or instructions if you plan to travel on your own.

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