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Located in southwest Texas on the border of Mexico, Laredo is a city that features history, family activities, and other offerings.

Residents of the city also struggle with alcohol and drug problems that may require non 12-step treatment in Laredo, TX:

  • Drug overdoses killed 43 people in Laredo in 2017 and 27 in 2018.
  • Opioid drug overdoses killed 156 people in the city from 2012 to 2018.
  • From 2012 to 2018, drug overdoses killed 219 people in Laredo.

Non 12-step rehabs in Laredo, TX, can help prevent such overdose deaths and other tragic consequences.

What is non 12-step rehab in Laredo, TX?

Rehab experiences vary for different people. When many people think of rehab or addiction assistance, they might think of people sitting around a circle and talking with other people about their experiences.

Often, these gatherings are meetings of 12-step groups. As their name indicates, 12-step groups require participants to progress through a dozen steps. Famous organizations that offer such groups include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous (NA and AA).

While many people have said that 12-step programs have helped them with their sobriety, others are uncomfortable with them. Many approaches recommend surrendering to a higher power, so others seek non twelve-step treatment programs in Laredo, TX, because they don’t want to involve spirituality in their recovery.


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How do non 12-step alcohol rehabs in Laredo, TX, incorporate groups?

Although it doesn’t use a series of 12 steps, non AA rehab in Laredo, TX, still uses group dynamics to produce change.

Most centers include therapy, and many include group and family therapy. Group therapy at non 12-step treatment centers in Laredo, TX, demonstrates that others have had the same or similar problems. It reassures people that they’re not alone.

Family therapy is a reminder that addiction affects more than the people who misuse alcohol and drugs. It harms their families, friends, and others who care about them. For example, family therapy at a non 12-step alcohol rehab in Laredo, TX, gives people opportunities to share how addiction has hurt them. In addition, it teaches people ways to improve family dynamics to reduce the risk of addiction and other problems in the future.

How do non 12-step drug rehabs in Laredo, TX, incorporate groups?

Gathering is also a standard part of non 12-step drug rehab in Laredo, TX. While such approaches don’t involve Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or other 12-step programs, they often include programs such as SMART Recovery.

According to such programs, people can find the motivation to fight cravings and make positive changes. These say that participants of non 12-step rehab programs in Laredo, TX, don’t need to surrender to a higher power but instead possess the power within themselves.

What are some other offerings at non 12-step recovery programs in Laredo, TX?

The best non 12-step rehab programs in Laredo, TX, also incorporate groups in other ways. They encourage clients to meet with each other and socialize. Many feature activities that allow clients to relax and give them opportunities to mingle and learn from each other.

Some people at non 12-step rehab centers in Laredo, TX, may play different competitive sports. Some may go on supervised outings to local parks or tourist attractions. These fun diversions can provide social interaction, something people need for strong mental health and something that can reduce the risk of substance use disorder and addiction.

Such diversions also demonstrate that there are other people with similar recovery journeys. Without the help of others, treatment and recovery can be frightening and difficult. Non 12-step recovery in Laredo, TX, can provide this assistance and so much more.


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