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There were 88,850 registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado in July 2021, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Registrants’ ages range from under ten years old to more than 70 years of age. While medical marijuana helps many people manage various illnesses and conditions, CDC research shows abusing marijuana can lead to drug addiction. And, those who start using cannabis before the age of 18 run a greater risk of developing a marijuana use disorder than people who start using the drug when an adult. This is because the youthful brain is more susceptible to marijuana and other drugs.

Fortunately, people seeking drug addiction treatment in Colorado, and specifically Colorado Springs, have a variety of drug rehab facilities to help them gain freedom from alcohol and drug addiction.


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Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO

Because each substance use disorder recovery journey is unique, substance use disorder treatment plans vary among facilities. And most drug rehabs offer more than one drug rehab solution. The majority of substance misuse treatment falls into two main categories: 1) inpatient drug rehab programs and 2) outpatient drug rehab programs. There are hybrid drug and alcohol programs that offer a combination of inpatient substance use disorder treatment and outpatient services in Colorado Springs, Colorado as well.

Inpatient drug rehabs typically provide a series of treatment options that start with a period of drug detoxification to cleanse the body of all drugs. This initial phase prepares the body and the mind for other treatments, which may include:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Managing physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Art therapy, music therapy, and dance therapy sessions
  • Aftercare services and outpatient programs that support a healthy lifestyle beyond the inpatient experience

Outpatient drug addiction services may revolve around both 12-step and non-12-step rehab plans. Counseling sessions and alternative therapies offered by an outpatient drug detox treatment center in Colorado Springs, CO, may be supported by a variety of addiction treatment services, including:

  • Talk therapy
  • Nutrition and fitness planning support
  • Holistic Care programs
  • Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorder treatment
  • Specialized treatment for specific demographic groups, such as veterans, teenagers, and persons over the age of 65.

Choosing the Right Colorado Springs Drug Detox

Choosing a Colorado Springs, CO drug detox treatment center or a rehab center for alcohol addiction can be overwhelming. However, start your journey with a solid plan and it doesn’t have to be. A supervised detoxification process is usually the first step on your journey toward freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.

Detox treatment reduces substance dependence. Some patients receive medicinal support to curb cravings and control withdrawal symptoms depending on what substance they misuse. Treatment plans vary depending on whether the patient is addicted to heroin, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, or another drug.

If you have insurance, it may be prudent to find out if your insurance carrier has preferred inpatient drug rehab centers and drug rehab facility providers. If you do not have insurance, discuss payment options with each drug detox treatment center you contact.

After talking to your insurance provider, you’ll want to contact drug detox centers and inpatient drug rehab centers to discuss treatment options. Keep in mind that an experienced, reputable addiction treatment center should be able to help you explore insurance options, as well as provide clear information about the cost of a treatment plan designed for your specific needs.

Now that you have the financial situation covered, you can begin your journey. A drug rehab facility admission’s counselor will:

  • Talk with you about your goals
  • Discuss your unique needs and any underlying medical conditions
  • Help you choose treatment plans
  • Schedule your entry into an appropriate program
  • Assist you with other administrative needs

Finding a drug detox center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that has the experience, resources, and staff to support your journey toward a sober life is critical for success. Unfortunately, drug rehab facilities are not all created equal. However, at a time when drug overdoses in Colorado are on the rise, this is the perfect time to find a best-fit treatment center to help you take the first steps toward freedom and a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to reach out to our addiction specialist to see if you qualify to say in one of our addiction rehabs that offer amazing views and private rooms. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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