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As you consider a holistic addiction treatment in Colorado Springs, CO, for a loved one or yourself, focus on the whole aspect. In this type of treatment, everything from the holistic detox center to holistic rehab is centered on your specific needs. This starts with your dependency issues and continues with your mental, spiritual, and physical needs. Holistic treatment looks at your dependency as part of your complete health and wellness.

As a result, you get treatment for manifest and latent symptoms caused by your addiction. This might include depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, nerve disorders, muscle tension, and weakness in your muscles. In Colorado Springs, CO, there is a higher than usual percentage of drug users involved in psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana, both of which are legalized in the state.

Along with attracting more users of other substances to the area, Colorado has also provided a safe haven for individuals interested in smoking marijuana and using magic mushrooms. Since these substances are not legal in all other states, there is also a larger concentration of individuals in CO who are using these legalized substances.

If you are living in Colorado Springs, CO, and having withdrawals and cravings associated with being around others who are using these drugs, then you may want to consider holistic rehab.

About Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in Colorado Springs, CO

At a holistic rehabilitation center, you are provided with addiction treatment that is centered around your personal well-being. If you need to begin with a detox program, holistic drug rehab includes holistic detoxification. This may use all-natural herbs and remedies that are less toxic than chemical detox. In addition, holistic treatment may feature these programs and therapies:

  • Art therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture
  • Music therapy
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neurofeedback

After you complete drug detox and enter into a network of holistic addiction treatment centers, your counselor will guide you on choosing the best programs for your needs. A common misconception about a holistic addiction treatment program is that it is all-natural. In actuality, drugs and other alternative therapies that are not considered all-natural may be implemented.

The premise behind the holistic recovery in Colorado Springs, CO, truly is about the individual patient and their recovery. This ranges from outdoor therapy in large groups to indoor interpersonal programs. At a holistics recovery center, physical and mental wellness are the top concern. This differs from luxury rehab or inpatient drug rehab, which are available at other types of treatment centers.


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How is Holistic Rehabilitation Provided?

As you consider one of many of the holistic drug treatment centers, you want to know what to expect before you arrive. In every case, the process differs in some respects. However, generally, these are the steps you will take when you commit to holistic alcohol treatment in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Speak with an admissions counselor or nurse.
  • Establish your level of care and decide what your primary goals are for attending a holistic alcohol rehab.
  • Choose the most appropriate types of holistic treatments and therapies for your needs.
  • Prepare by packing personal belongings and arranging for leave from work or college.
  • Consider whether holistic detox is required for your recovery.
  • Determine a timeline for treatment.
  • Begin looking for your new life path while in recovery.

Getting On the Road to a Successful Recovery

Making plans for a future beyond a dependence on drugs and alcohol is vital to the longevity of your successful recovery. That is why you must choose the best holistic drug detox in Colorado Springs, CO, when you begin your treatment. There are so many options available within a holistic addiction treatment center. As a result, you will always have a program or therapy to fall back on when something doesn’t work out.

For example, you might discover you need a break from art therapy and music therapy as a creative individual. This is where a holistic program will also offer outdoor adventure therapy, as well as yoga and other exercises to improve your physical fitness along with your mental health. Feel free to reach out to our addiction specialist to see if you qualify to say in one of our addiction rehabs that offer amazing views and private rooms. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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