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A non-12-step recovery program in Colorado Springs, CO, offers substance use disorder treatment without the application of 12-step program principles. If you have tried a 12-step program in the past and want something different, there are plenty of options available. In this part of the US, where cannabis was first legalized, substance use disorder has long been prevalent. However, other drugs are also an issue, which makes you wonder if the state’s legalization of marijuana increased the use of other substances as well.

Opiates, including fentanyl, codeine, and other prescription opioids—as well as heroin—have led to a rising number of deaths in Colorado. These deaths are primarily due to prescription opioids, followed by heroin and synthetic opioids. In 1999, there were just over 200 overdose deaths, but that number shot up to 400 deaths in 2009. More recently, the state suffered from 564 opioid-caused deaths in 2018.

There are several substances leading to drug abuse and addiction in Colorado and subsequent care in one of many non-12-step treatment centers. This includes addiction and dependency-related health issues due to opioids, marijuana, alcohol, PCP, and now magic mushrooms, which were legalized first in the country in Denver, CO, in 2018. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse from using drugs or alcohol, non-12-step rehab centers will set you on the right path to sobriety and freedom from addictive behaviors.


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Holistic Non-12-Step Rehab Programs in Colorado Springs, CO

Among the non-twelve-step treatment programs, there tends to be a common thread. Most of these involve a holistic method of treating drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike the more rigorous 12-step programs, a holistic program is focused on personalized treatment. Every patient in holistic non-12-step alcohol rehabs is going on a different path to recovery.

The individual’s path in non-12-step rehab programs is determined through an analysis that evaluates their:

  • Level of care
  • Amount of time spent on treatment
  • Budget
  • Time allotted for current treatment
  • Personal interests

The goal is to customize each person’s plan in non-12-step drug rehabs in Colorado Springs based on these and other variables. As a result, hopefully, each patient that graduates from non-12-step recovery will be on a lifelong road of sobriety. This includes post-care after non-12-step alcohol rehab.

How to Get Into Non-12-Step Drug Rehabs?

Non 12 Step treatment centers in Colorado, are available for patients dealing with all types of substance use disorder and dependency issues. This includes dual diagnosis of mental health disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. When a patient signs up for any non-12-step treatment, they can expect to receive a completely new treatment plan compared to someone in 12-step rehab. Non-12-step alcohol rehab may just be what you or someone you know needs for successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Whether you or someone you know needs resources for non-12-step recovery programs, places and help are available.

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